Finding Your Sport

In August, Big I came to me and made a request. She wanted to quit jiu-jitsu so she could concentrate more on swimming. After she failed to achieve county qualifying times for a single event and after missing out on a ribbon at the novice meet too, I was a little surprised. In the past, she tried t-ball and field hockey. Neither of them held her interest and she wanted to quit almost as soon as she started. I figured that swimming would have discouraged her too. As she watched her friends collect trophies and ribbons, I feared that her motivation to continue would wain. ...more

What Is This Guy Doing With a Picture of My Foot?

It happens to every blogger. At some point, someone leaves a rude comment or even one that might be scary, and it makes you think. Am I taking unnecessary risks? Am I putting myself out there in ways that I shouldn't be? Is blogging really worth whatever risks I might be taking? ...more

This gave me the heebie jeebies when I read about it on BBM. ICK ICK ICK. Ick.

Somer ...more

A Cautionary Tale of a Date Gone Wrong

I am frequently asked if I've ever had to use my martial arts training in a real life situation. The truth is that since I began training, I haven't had to use my physical training once. I'd like to think though, that my training has steered people away from engaging me in conflict, kind of like the Jedi. ...more

Trust Your Gut: Keeping Safe in an Unsafe World

Years ago I read Gavin de Becker's book "The Gift of Fear." If you haven't ever read it, you really should. I had seen him on the Almighty Oprah and listened intently to her interview with him. He talked about the presence of a sixth sense, and said how when something is wrong, people can sometimes pick up on it if they allow themselves to trust their gut. ...more

Thankful to live in the USA

Have you seen this?  A 19-year old woman in Saudi Arabia was gang raped by seven men.  Because she was in a car with a male who was not her relative, but rather a student she used to know, she is being punished with six months in jail and 200 lashes.  She will be permanently scarred from those lashes, not like being gang-raped by seven men wouldn't be scarring enough or anything.  ...more

Thank you for posting this. It is important for us to remember how great we really have it here, ...more

The Ultimate Snub from "The View"

I don't even know where to begin.  I woke up this morning with a positive outlook on life, and then I saw it.  Have you seen it?  Can you believe the news this morning?  Is it really possible? The headline reads, "Goldberg, Shepherd to Join 'The View'"  Huh?  What? Are you kidding me? ...more