Wounded Warriors and Veterans Day

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Life is Rosie

Julie from Just JulesThe mania has begun, immediately when I started my new job the first thing I did was look at the calendar. Since I will be working nights starting at 2:30 p.m., I am excited it will work perfectly with my cycling fan ways and watching races. The entire last season, I kept having to leave for work the middle of races. ...more

The Full Story

Julie from Just JulesI betcha all think you know the story behind my Full House connections and I am here to tell you, you have no clue; I am finally going to share the whole thing for the first time. It really is a cool story for those who know it and it has been an amazing story to share with others throughout the years. God worked through People magazine to bring an amazing journey into my life. ...more

Mr. Fitz and Jules

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The Bachelor and Dolly

Julie from Just JulesAs you know, my life is an adventure with lot's of weird stories that make sense to me. I hear it all the time, "Julie, your life is so weird." I haven't lived a cooKie cutter life.  My experiences have made me unique and I'm content with that.  So I just share my random life stories with my readers instead. ...more

NaBloPoMo 2013

Julie from Just JulesIt's become my November tradition, dating back to 2007. My friend Di suggested we all join in with the Blogher ladies and do NaBloPoMo. I had never heard of such a thing but once again played follow the leader with Di and joined in. Used to be Andrea,Di and I blogging away for two years and then just Di and I. Now, I stand alone in the NaBloPoMo challenge. ...more

A Mother's Love Carries On Through Cooking

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Everyone is Entitled to Their Own Opinion

 My Mom came to visit for Conner's upcoming birthday this weekend. They went out for the day yesterday and one of the stops was to get frozen yogurt. As they were walking in he noticed some cyclists sitting in the front window eating frozen yogurt. He pointed them out to his grandma and told her they likely were coming back off a long ride. ...more

Voting, Voting Rights and The Next Generation

 I grew up in a passionate tried and true family of Catholic Democrats. We were raised talking politics and paying attention to all going on in Washington. I often tell people " Remember Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties?? I grew up the anti Alex P. Keaton!" My husband grew up in a conservative home loving Ronald Reagan. ...more

The Day Everything Changed for Cycling

Julie from Just JulesIn 2010, Conner and I went to our local start of the AMGEN Tour of California as we do every year.  This year it happened to be in our hometown of Visalia,CA. As we were walking around looking for the team buses, I was stopped by a ESPN Sports journalist and asked what I thought about Floyd Landis's allegations that morning? I stopped and laughed, "Oh Floyd has lied before, I don't believe him" and went on. Little did we know........ ...more