I'm Scared My Non-Verbal Child Will Be Abused at School

In this world of special needs, I find myself compelled to offer advice on IEP questions when my new-found friends ask them. I can’t stop myself. I can feel their anxiety. I understand their fears. I relate to their worries. From a teacher’s perspective, the things I want for my child are almost unreasonable. Almost. If Alexander went to school right now, he would be non-verbal. This is one of my biggest fears. He will not be able to tell me about his day. The twins, at age 3, with their muddled version of reality, can at least give me a inkling of their day. They can tell me if they saw someone or what they had to eat....more
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Why I'm Pro Life, Anti Ultrasound, and Anti Rush

Frustrated. That’s what I am. Frustrated. I am Pro Life. I’m going to be very up front about that. I believe all lives are worth something. I would never choose abortion for myself. I would love to see all children born into loving homes or adopted into them. ...more
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Its Not Cool to Be Gay

This isn’t the post you think it is.  Some people will love this post. Some people will hate it. I’m ok with that.Some people will disagree with my opinion. I’m ok with that too. Just please remember that we all are entitled to our own opinions. And around here – we respect each other....more

Is 2.9 Million Worth the World -- and Your Child -- Knowing You Would Have Rather Aborted?

Dear Mother in Portland, How do you tell your family and friends that you would have “aborted” your daughter? How do you sleep at night… knowing that they have all heard those words? Because you can’t say: “I want money because I would have aborted you,” and “But, I love you” in the same sentence. I’ve heard you try to say it, but you can’t. I hope this lawsuit is worth it....more
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Just because of her IQ, you won't help her?

One of my biggest fears?  That someday people will deem “Alexander” not worthy of medical treatment.  That some day, some doctor will say, “No more seizure medicine.”  "No more g-tube formula." " He’s never going to be a rocket scientist – so we will not help him."  Many of you are probably thinking these fears seem irrational....more
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Stand Up For Yourself in 2012

I’m cleaning out my friends....more

I believe what we have here is A Failure to Communicate

We have 9 therapies a week. A babysitter.  A nurse for Alexander. An entire Pediatrician’s staff that bends over backwards to do whatever we need. Every Specialist ever invented involved in Alexander’s care. People who watch the twins on a moment’s notice. And then – of course – family and friends. ...more

Joking? I can't believe you just SAID that!

Secret. When I was in high school I helped out with the special Olympics at my school.  I was a senior and … thought I was big stuff.  You know what I said while outside working the special Olympics? “That is so retarded.” True story.  I immediately was mortified.  In my defense, I was 16 and realized my mistake.  My face turned red, I walked away – so embarrassed that I would say something so crass at a function so important. ...more
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I Will LOVE You Until You HATE Me... And that is OK.

I am not your friend.  I repeat… I am not your friend.  I am your mother.  It is my parental right to make you upset, angry, and frustrated.  Because you are 3 and I am 33.  Period.  However, for the sake of all those who see us in public, I will explain my actions in clear and concise terms. ...more