Jeannie- JB

I am:Wife and Mother – Married for 35+ years to Joe Engineer. Mom to two... read more

Jeannie- JB


I am:

Wife and Mother – Married for 35+ years to Joe Engineer. Mom to two beautiful girls (ok, women now) 32 and 25, they both went off to school at age 18 and “flew the nest”. I miss them every day of my life. I have two son-in-laws that I love dearly, and two precious Granddaughters. I’ve held many positions and job titles, but my all time favorite is “Mom”.

Oh yeah,  I can’t forget my little dog – Max.  Max is my “Empty Nest” dog -  he’s a four year old” Schnoodle”  (Schnauzer & Poodle) and I have had him since he was 8 weeks old.

Daughter – I am very lucky to have my Mama here in Prescott. She and my Dad moved back here two years ago. My Dad passed in September, 2010. He was always “Daddy” to me. He called me JB, and in his honor, all my ventures (adventures?) start with JB. I miss him more than I can say and I’m sometimes able to write or talk about him without crying – but not often.

Former SQL Report Writer following her life-long dream to own her very own business.
Hoping the phrase “Do what you love, and the rest will follow,” is actually true. What I Love is Seeking out vintage objects of all kinds, whatever strikes my fancy, because thrifting, browsing Garage Sales, Estate Sales, etc. is my passion.  Having always dreamed of owning my own business, “JB’s Country Cottage” and  “JB’s Cottage Chic“, (my Etsy stores) were born

Middle Aged, Menopausal Woman My Posts will revolve around Vintage something – either vintage found treasures or stories from my middle-aged vintage life. I hope you like them!