I Want My Daughter To Feel The Mean Girl Hurt

Last night as I was tucking my nine-year-old daughter into bed after a long day for both of us, she reached up put her arms around my neck and asked me to crawl into bed with her so we could snuggle and talk. When I crawled in next to her she snuggled as close as she possibly could and when she couldn’t get any closer she opened her eyes just long enough to get my attention and said, “Something happened at school today."...more
That is one of the reasons I dread letting my little girl go to school next year, but I also ... more

"I Hope My Mom and Dad Still Love Each Other"

I was picking up laundry from my daughter's floor the other night. She was at her Dad's house for the weekend, and I was doing my usual deep clean of the house. Lord knows I can't seem to get any cleaning accomplished when she and her brother are around, so my kid-free weekends are my time for catching up. So there I was, picking through and picking up things off her floor and I did what any Mom would probably do. I snooped....more
Wow. I hope one day she does ask again, and you can tell her that -- so beautifully said. more

How a Mom's Heart Was Broken by an Email that Never Came

Did you receive those weekly updates when you were expecting your child? You know the ones: They tell you how big the baby is and what grew that week and what to expect. Perhaps you continued getting those emails after your baby arrived. Monique at Razing Mayhem did, and was recently heartbroken when those emails stopped. It's a post that might make you want to hug her -- and your own too-quickly-growing children. ...more
I never thought of it, but when I stop getting the emails for my daughter, I will probably cry too. more

Letting Kids Climb a Tree Is Not a Crime

I missed my kids a lot this weekend. It’s rare that I leave them for a few hours so it’s incredibly rare to find me leaving for a few days. My momma heart ached being so far away, so feeling them in my arms could not come soon enough today....more
Don't you just love when perfect strangers try to judge your parenting skills? You're right, we ... more

My Son Is Going Through a "Peanut" Phase (It Means What You Think It Means)

“My peanut is out!” screamed my three-year-old from the back seat. I was taken aback by this outburst. “Peanut” is what my son has always called his manhood. (We started out with the correct word, but it kind of morphed into “peanut” and it stuck.)“Well, son,” I said, not sure how to advise him. “Can you fix it?”“No!” he said, with the same sense of urgency. Not knowing what else to do, we pulled over, fixed the peanut, and went back on our merry way....more
So funny! Bet it won't be as funny when my turn comes... My little guy is 2 1/2 now... But in ... more

Newsflash (or Not): Indoor Play Centers Are Gross (But How Gross Are They?)

We were recently invited to a playdate at a local fast food place with one of those play centers; we declined. I have many reasons, but if you ask my sons, they will tell you that indoor playplaces are “dirty and germy.” I fully admit to passing that information on to them so that I wasn’t the bad guy saying “no” every single time. I made this decision long before I had kids and watched a child throw up the food he had just eaten as he slid down one of the slides. I may be a killjoy with a side of germaphobia, but it turns out I’m right: They’re gross....more
Mine are both pretty young still, so I tend to be in there with them -- And I carry hand ... more

Vagina vs Toody: When Do I Update My Daughter's Vocabulary?

I know a lot of women who are probably blushing as they read this. That is, if they’ve made it this far. The truth is, I’m okay with the word. Sure, it’s not a staple in my everyday vocabulary, but I don’t mind it being flashed here, there and everywhere. It’s the name of a body part, the same as 'arm' or 'leg.' But then I ask myself: When do I bring 'vagina' into my 4-year-old daughter’s vocabulary? Around here, we call it her 'toody.' I like to think it goes along nicely with 'tushy.'...more
Good question... We always referred to it as her private parts and the same for her brother. My ... more

The Drunk Driver Who Hit Me Got a Slap on the Wrist

On Monday the drunk driver who hit me a few months ago -- earlier in my pregnancy -- pleaded guilty to two of the five charges filed against her. She pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors: driving drunk (OVI, or operating a vehicle impaired) and for failure to maintain distance between my vehicle....more
I am sorry for the pain you have suffered. I am sorrier that this person is not going to ... more

Why Our Parents Put Us To Shame

I often think about how we survived under the watch of our parents. There were no infant seats (how did you get anywhere with me in the car?), no seat belts (ok, there were seat belts, but they weren't safe and no one wore them), people smoked basically everywhere, we gnawed happily on plastic and toys full of lead, climbed on high steel monkey bars, and electrical outlets were always in plain view and ready for a zappin'.Parenting standards have obviously changed over the years (and most for good reason), but here's why I say our parents rocked....more
Why do I feel, after reading some of the comments, that a lot of people read the title, and ... more

World Breastfeeding Week: Tips for Breastfeeding at Walt Disney World

I had a huge concern when planning for our family trip. How would I possibly be able to haul around my four-month-old breastfeeding baby to four Disney parks? I was very happy to read that each park had a baby area where there was a designated room for nursing mothers. I quickly figured out that one designated area for breastfeeding in an entire park was NOT enough. Does anyone realize how hard it is to drag your very hungry baby clear across a crowded amusement park, sweat dripping down your back quicker than you can say Mickey Mouse?! I had to get creative....more
I never worried about if I was in an "okay" area to feed my baby. If people were eating around ... more