Holiday Hustle

I have survived the Holiday Hustle!  I  have tackled crowds in shopping mania with strategic form.    I have risen from beneath the mountains of cards written and received.  I have moved swiftly to the expandable waistlines allowing for the holiday feasts and goodies galore.  I have devoured chocolate like it was my last meal.  I have survived the Holiday Hustle! The hugs and kisses, and well wishes were part of the festivities. There were sleigh rides, presents, songs and reflection fo...more
Thanks so much. Best Wishes to you too. It's going to be a good year! more

One Mom's Classified Ad

  Every now and then I get the opportunity to have a cup of tea, put my feet up and read the paper.  I read the latest news, though I try to stay clear of the extremely negative stuff.  I read my horoscope, though I'm not sure I'm a believer.  I read the classifieds, not that I'm looking for a job or a pet, or anything el...more
@victorias_view Thanks, still needing that day of bliss though. more

A Right to Fear

This morning, not quite awake yet, I turned on Global BC’s morning news.  As they talked about the various events, I don’t think I paid much attention.  I was just too tired and struggling to wake up.  Suddenly “Bam!” a story reported by Catherine Pope catches my attention with horror.  It was not the freak storms, the London riots, or the roller coaster ride of the economy.  All of those can certainly catch your attention, but this was a story that hit my heart about a young girl who will be turning 19 soon.   For most of us turn...more
@Forever 17 Thanks for your reply, I couldn't agree more. I also share your fears for my own ... more