My Stove Top Pizza Adventure

     I found this awesome video in my Facebook feed today, and I knew I had to try this for myself. This chef cooks up pizza in a frying pan, on the stove top, in just 20 minutes, with one pan and no bowls. You know what they say about things that sound too good to be true......more

When Your Church no Longer Defines Who You Are

     There's this weirdness that comes from some Christians. Maybe I only notice it because I wasn't raised around a church; if I'm honest, I still feel like I'm an outsider to Christian "culture." I'm talking about being defined by "your" church as if a building with people in it could define every subtle, intricate piece of your soul. ...more

S is for Smiling Sunrise: a Picture Book Review

     I recently received a children’s picture book for review, S is for Smiling Sunrise by WordsBright  and written by Vick Wadhwa. It is a bright, cheery hardcover book and I am pleased to get to talk about it today....more

It Really Doesn't Get Easier

     It started when my first born was a baby,"It gets easier," they would say to me. I heard it all the time, and I kept waiting for it. When Turbo was 11 months old, I found out that I was pregnant with the Toolman, and I kept hearing it from other moms; I trusted them. They lied....more

Firmly Planted: A Family Bible Curriculum Review

     During the month of April, we were blessed to receive a copy of Firmly Planted, Gospels, Part 2, which is published by Real Life Press and written by Heidi St. John; I get to review it for you! This is a 10 week Bible study based on the life of Jesus....more

La La Logic: A Preschool Curriculum Review

     This last month, we have been using an online preschool curriculum by La La Logic; today I get to review it for you. I am pretty excited about this one, as it was a hit with my little Princess who just started school at the beginning of this year. ...more

ARTistic Pursuits: A Homeschool Curriculum Review

    I was recently invited to test out and review a great art curriculum by ARTistic Pursuits. They have an enormous selection for all different age ranges, but I settled on Early Elementary K-3: Book 2, Stories of Artists and Their Art. There’s just something exciting about reading stories of an artist....more

Sewing a Mini Bag and Overlooking my Mess

     I found the cutest bag pattern a week or so ago, and I knew I had to make it. What better way to procrastinate on my novel than by taking on a sewing project? To date, I've now made 5 of them. In April. When I'm supposed to be working hard on my novel. I also sewed a dress, made repairs on a skirt and a super hero cape, and worked on a quilt, but who's counting? ...more

First Start Reading: A Homeschool Curriculum Review

    I was recently given the opportunity to test out and review First Start Reading by Memoria Press . I got this program for my little Princess, who just turned 4 last month. In my huge package I received the following: First Start Reading: Phonics, Reading, & Printing Books A-D, and the teacher guide that covers all four workbooks....more

Marigolds, 25K Words, and Falling Into a Black Hole

     If you've been waiting for the next greatest, most amazing blog post known to man, I apologize. This probably won't be it. However, if you are just wanting to see what I've been up to and are wondering if I'm alive, well, here's your chance. ...more