What to Do If You Get Hot Pepper in Your Eye (Seriously)

First, I would just like to say that the number-one solution for the pain of hot pepper in your eye is simply to wear gloves while cutting peppers and NEVER EVER TOUCH YOUR EYE after cutting them. However, since I was not quite so smart last Friday, I had to come up with another remedy. ...more
I had a similar experience a few years ago.  I wanted to surprise my husband with tamales.  I ... more

That Horrifying Moment When Your Dog Attacks

     I had this wonderful plan all worked up about how my day would go yesterday.  I met another lady online who homeschools and lives very close to me.  Her son and my oldest son are the same age, and I have been pining for an adult who lives nearby that will come and have a cup of coffee with me and chat on a lonely morning.  We planned to get together for a play date and a visit to see if we hit it off.  Little did I know, my day was going to take a horrifying turn for the worse.  My day came to a screaching half when our dog attacked....more
KnowWhatlMean I have just lost all faith in dogs.  I think that for some people, they can be an ... more

Refusing to Say "I Don't Want to Become My Mother" Anymore

I've spent most of my life either saying or thinking, "As long as I don't become my mother..." like it was some kind of motivational quote for my life. As long as I could keep chugging along and not become her, I was doing okay. As long as I didn't make the same choices she did, that would mean that I had somehow done better with my life. I knew with every fiber of my being that I could become my mother, but I didn't want to. I wanted my own life; I wanted to be different. ...more
I think it is great when you can say you actually want to be like your parents.  I did not have ... more

A 360 of my REAL House - A Photo Challenge

Well hello there. It's been a while. How were your holidays? And happy new year! I keep wanting to pop in and share things with you, but I just can't seem to get things together. There's either stuff everywhere, or it's too dark for photos. Or there's stuff everywhere AND it's too dark for photos (4:30 sunset, you can not go away soon enough!)....more
I love this!  You know, looking through your pictures, I still see a beautiful space even though ... more

The $10,000 Year; Dream Big!

     This is the year of $10,000.  If I write it, then let it be so.  My husband and I have set ourselves on saving $10,000 this year for a down payment on a house next year.  We have been married almost seven years and have been renters since we were out on our own.  Every year, we have said, "This might be the year we buy a house".  It hasn't happened yet, obviously.  This is the first year that we have been mostly out of debt though.  This is the first year where it might actually be a possibility....more
Denise Thank you! more

Cloth Chain Teething Toy for Baby

     This is day two of my 12 crafts in 12 days series of blog posts.  For day two, I decided to make Butter's new teething toy that's going in his stocking this year.  I once again visited Make It & Love It for the tutorial....more
youngatfifty That was my thought too.  I know lots of babies coming into the world soon. more

"You're the Worst Mom Ever" and Other Compliments from My Child

Son, remember yesterday when you called me, "the worst mom ever!"? I wanted to thank you for that. Look, I know you were upset that I was making you do yard work... alongside me. I know that I was taking you away from video games. I know you were grumpy for not getting your own way, but baby, that's life. My job is to teach you about life and if that makes me the worst mom ever, I'll take it. ...more
Good for you keeping things in perspective.  Sometimes, in the heat of a moment, it is hard to ... more

My Pinterest Fail Moment Keeps Coming Back to Haunt Me

Karen Ballum Thanks.  It's hard when I come up against something creative that I don't do well, ... more

Motherhood vs The Domestic Goddess I Wanted To Be

Before I had my daughter, I had a lot of daydreams about what we would do over the years. Places I wanted to take her, things I wanted to show her. In her first year of life, we did a lot together. We went shopping, hiking, to the beach, and to museums. Then before she was even a year old, I found out I was pregnant again. ...more
Ah, how I too wish I could be a little better at this mom stuff. :)  I have four little ones and ... more

We Are Not Our Mothers, and Our Daughters Are Not Us

Even though I’m a mother, I was a daughter first. And I have two sisters. Like most women, we have often said to ourselves and each other that we were worried about becoming our mother. (Sorry, Mom.) I think it’s a natural thing that girls tend to be terrified of. ...more
Good Stuff.  My mom and I have a...complicated relationship with one another and I find myself ... more