More Than Her Curls: What My Daughter Taught Me About Beauty

I am the first to unabashedly admit that I love my daughter Frankie’s hair. It’s fairy tale hair: long, blond spirals down to the middle of her back. Little girls on the playground call it princess hair; older women stop us in grocery store aisles and can’t help but comment on how pretty it is. My daughter, to her credit, says thank you then rolls her eyes once backs are turned. I gush, “I wish it were mine!” ...more
please excuse my lowercase: as a bi-racial child, now grown up to be a mother, i fought hard to ... more

Tales from a Volleyball Mom

Sports Moms. Just the two words are enough to make anyone say 'oh Lord'. I mean, you've seen it on the news, on reality tv, and on the internet. Moms on the sidelines of any soccer field, football field, basketball court, or volleyball court. Sure, you have seen the dads, some say they are worse; but I believe moms are a tad bit more emotionally invested than dads are....more
As a certified basketball mom...I agree! I've seen both sides. I've been on both sides...from my ... more

Coach-Parent: The Good...The Bad...The Ugly...

When my son first started playing basketball, I 'volunteered' my husband, without asking, to coach the team. I didn't care if he had coached, or for that matter, even played, basketball at the time. I didn't even think about if he would actually want to coach. I just blindly added his name to the volunteer list. I had no idea what coaching a team actually meant. That was 9 years ago.Now, we are both seasoned coaches, in our respective sports. But, the trip here has had it's ups and downs. The most obvious impact has been on our family....more
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To Be Or Not To Be - Great, That Is!

In the light of the very recent passing of Joe Paterno, I was watching ESPN's Sportcenter for more details. As the coverage continued, there were more and more statements about Paterno's greatness as a coach, mentor, husband, father, philanthropist, and more.This raised a question:What does it mean to be a great coach?...more
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Dispelling the Myth: Cheerleading is INDEED a SPORT!

I live in a world where girls are pushed to their limits and beyond on a daily basis. I live in a world where you are expected to tumble, stunt, cheer, dance, jump, smile, be enthusiastic, cheer on the football team by knowing 50+ cheers/chants, have great sportsmanship, and still have competitive drive. I also live in a world where no matter how hard you work, you are still told that you are NOT an athlete and what you do is NOT a SPORT.I live in the world of CHEERLEADING!!!...more
Gena, I teams are definitely in the same category! They are a sport! more