Stop Misusing Social Media by Following These Easy Steps

Do you ever feel like you're spinning your wheels on social media? You publish a post and then think that it's time to get to work sharing it all over Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google +? We hope that the traffic comes in and our numbers go up and our audience is engaged.  But we also feel tired and more often than not as if we're talking to a wall. It's time to rethink social media. ...more
Really?  Do you have any evidence to back this up?  Seems pretty naive. more

The BlogHer '13 Fashion Show Style and Beauty Look Book

You asked for it, and here it is: The lookbook for the BlogHer '13 fashion show--including the clothes, the shoes, and more info about all the gorgeous model/bloggers who walked. ...more
I love Ishra!! more

Celebrate the Mystery of Softness Revealed with Cocktails in the Clouds

Get ready, because this year at BlogHer 2013, the clouds will part to reveal a mystery like no other. It’s the mystery behind NEW White Cloud Luxuriously Soft Bath Tissue. It all happens on Friday, July 26 with Cocktails in the Clouds, a posh, multisensory event complete with cloud-themed food, fun and festivities....more
Have checked every single day and no details yet on party? more

Are You the Only One Who Can Understand your Child's Speech

If you are born with the gift of gab you've probably never given much thought to what your life might be like if you could not express yourself. But as a six year old, I could not pronounce the word "ask."  No one in my house seemed to have noticed this. But my school system did and recommended I see a speech therapist only to learn that I had in fact been repeating what everyone in my house was saying....more
I enjoyed your article.  THe part I found the most interesting is where you noted that a child ... more

Epilady Legend 4

Shortly after the BoomBoxNetwork party, Epilady contacted me and requested I write a review. I wrote back telling them that in all honesty, I couldn't do a review without a test drive of their product. They asked me to write an email with links to some of my reviews and the stats, and which model(s) I would like to test and also told me that lots of people wanted to review their products. I replied with links to my pajama jeans review (my first post on BlogHer!) and a few others that I've done the last few years....more
I am blonde (as we all know) so I am not very hairy, thanks goodness! more

9 Things I Discovered on the Way to My First 10K

September 24, 2012. San Dimas, California.  A date and a place that will forever be etched in my personal history. It was the day I conquered a 10K race.  I ran it just like I had planned to do and finished it just as I had expected to do (well, actually four minutes better than I expected). I am a 10K runner.Runner photo via shutterstock...more
I loved this post when I read it on your blog.  So glad you got it posted here!!   more

The BlogHer Events Team Presents... The Weekly Shoe Shot!

Since BlogHer’s very first conference back in 2005, bloggers have been documenting their shoes and sharing them online.   Inspired by the BlogHer community’s love of shoes coupled with our own fashion-conscious staff here at BlogHer HQ, the Events team began a Thursday Shoe meme taking a weekly “cute shoe” shot and posting on Facebook.  Here are some examples from the archive:...more
Here was my blogher12 shoe post...does that qualify? ... more

Find a Perfect Moment This Month

Come one, come all! Whether you are a style blogger or a food blogger, a Republican or a Democrat, a mommy blogger or a tech blogger or none of the above or all of the above, this blog hop is meant for you. Yes, YOU. ...more
I love the Idea of this weekly meme.  I encourage Blogher to continue it!   more

Our 9/11 Stories: Share Your Posts About September 11, 2001

Editor's note: Last year, we called for you to share your posts on the events of September 11, 2001. More than 200 bloggers responded. We're honoring this tradition again this year, and invite you to read these bloggers' stories and contribute your own. -- Julie We've seen a LOT of stories in the media about the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and United Flight 93. We've also seen, and maybe felt, that many of us are sick of the story in the media. ...more
Here's my ... more

BlogHer '13 Is Heading Back to the Midwest -- Chicago Here We Come!

Today we are thrilled to announce the dates and venue for our ninth-annual BlogHer Conference:BlogHer '13 will take place on July 25 - 27th at McCormick Place and the Sheraton Chicago!So, to anticipate your immediate questions:  1. Registration will open September 1st. Look out for that announcement soon!...more
Thanks for the amazing conference for Blogher12.  Pysched beyond belief that this one is is ... more