Readers want to know...WHO is the Chief Blonde?  The Chief Blonde is an every woman.  She is trying to get her act together,  get her kids out college (and out of the house),  keep a great relationship going with her husband--all the while trying to blog about what it takes to be a 45+ woman in today's world.  She tries to address questions like: Can I still wear this outfit?  Can I still wear my hair like this or if not, how should I wear it?  What the heck is happening to my skin now that I am in  and what can I do about it?  

Shelley Zurek holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BS in industrial administration from Kettering University (formerly General Motors Institute).  Shelley has worked extensively in industry focusing on Labor Relations and Marketing.  Having lived in Chicago, New York City, Canada, and Switzerland, Shelley has a view of the world that varies from the average blogger.  In her post "mothering" years, Shelley has worked as an independent contractor in Project Management and B2B Marketing and PR.

Shelley is the Chief Blonde and Blogger at the wildly popular Still BLonde After all these YEARS, the Blog for Women over 45 (and our younger friends) with High Value Giveaways for ALL!.