Avoiding Clown Face: A Handy How-To Makeup Guide

I remember sitting in World Religion class in high school {insert Catholic School girl joke here} and the boy in front of me turned around to ask me something but instead titled his head and with a quizzical look said "Do you know you have orange spots on your face?" ...more
@rachaelreally I was using Bare Minerals when I started getting the cysts Maegan described. I ... more

Struggling breadwinner mom

About 5 years ago I became the sole breadwinner when we made the decision for my husband to stay home with my oldest son at 10 weeks old.  Over the years this experience has been quite challenging and not what I expected.  My husband was never overly ambitious and my youngest will be in school full time in 3 years.  I wonder at times (a lot) if he'll ever go back to work.  My struggle is less with the day to day over extension of myself, I'm used to running on all cylinders all the time now, but more with  our roles.  I find myself resenting him for being a man

Whole Foods Ramadan Controversy

[Editor's Note: Have you heard about Whole Food's promotion of halal products for Ramadan? Well, a right-wing blogger accused the crunchy supermarket of supporting Jihadists. A Twitterstorm ensued over whether or not the chain had pulled its holiday promotion. --Grace] ...more
Agreed! It infuriates me that people try to make those connections. more

Cupboard cake

Last night I was really craving chocolate cake. I had cake mix, frosting, oil and water (of course) but only two eggs. The recipe called for three.Instead of trying my luck with just two eggs, I searched online for other ways to make a cake without using eggs.I found a Yahoo! discussion on how to substitute not just the eggs, but the water and oil with pudding.Well, I had instant pudding in the cabinet (white chocolate flavor) and milk in the fridge, so I decided to give it a go....more
No problemo! more

We're livin' on a prayer

Well, dear (new!) friends, here's my first blog post on BlogHer. Thanks @lovemaegan for getting me interested!I find it funny that I'm writing a blog post about personal finance when I am the WORST person in the world to be writing about "how to save money." I mean, I've been getting personal loans for the last 8 months, and I seem to be having trouble paying them back....more
Amen. My mom's been giving me tips on how to create and keep a budget. It's just been hard since ... more