Hope and Bravery and Beginning Again

Once upon a time, when we were newly arrived in North Carolina by way of two years in Alaska, I was frustrated and stressed and we were out of money.See, when we left Alaska, I resolved to myself that I would no longer teach. Teaching was something that didn't bring me joy. It brought stress and frustration, but it also brought money that was much needed.And so, when we got to NC, I didn't apply for teaching jobs. I subbed, but my focus was elsewhere - I was looking for something else....more

From the Trenches of Alcoholism

Alcoholism sucks. I know I'm not speaking from direct experience, but as one with a ring side seat, let me assure you that is absolutely awful. I can tell now. I know what to look for. And that fact alone has been hard won. It's come from emergency gallbladder surgery two years ago....more

A Fuck Up of Epic Slither

As I pulled my car in front of the house, Brandus sat on the tailgate of his truck, swinging his legs and talking to the guys across the street, who were throwing around a football. Voldemort and the dog ran around with the kids next door, and I smiled as I got out and walked around my car to get my stuff out of the passenger side. FLASHBACK A tiny five-year old alia stands in her backyard, bare feet balancing on a wooden garden partition....more

You Should See the Other Guy

I swear - 6 foot 5 or so, and laid my husband out on the ground groaning in pain.It's not what you think. He's fine. A little sheepish about being laid out on the ground by the situation, but fine.It started as a normal day. Admittedly, we were stressed because there was enough water dripping in the garage to have made a mess of the ceiling and so someone was coming to take a look at that, but all in all, it was a normal day....more

Children's Books I Will Not Read to Children - Vol 1

1. Rainbow Fish A dreamy young fish becomes lonely and is convinced by the wise octopus that the only way to make friends is to give up everything that makes him different. Moral of the story: Buy your friends and don't forget to be just like everyone else. How it should end: Rainbow fish goes into therapy for body image issues and ends up making friends who actually like him for him. Wise Old Octopus is no longer allowed near children. 2....more

A Study in Pink

My little boy – my lover of pink and Dora and fairies, has entered Kindergarten, where he is exposed to little boys who don’t play with Dora or fairies and think that pink is “for girls.” My little boy looked at me this morning, where I was holding a pair of jeans and his favorite pink shirt, and said, “I don’t want to wear that to school.” He wouldn't tell me why, but I can guess. I can guess the same way I can guess why he told the teacher his favorite color is blue....more

Gendered Frustration and Worry for My Boy

Gender is a funny concept. Boys do these things, and girls do these things, right? HAHAHAHA. Sure, boys and girls are different, but it makes me INSANE when toys and activities and dress is brought into boys and girls stuff. A Facebook friend posted a picture of her little boy, who is in Pre-K, wearing a dress, high heels, and a tiara. Multiple comments remarked, jokingly, that she need to call and make him an appointment with a psych....more
I'm glad my boys were born 16 & 17 years ago... thankfully we didn't have the internet and ...more