Star Trek Quiet Book

When I was younger, my mom made us a quiet book. You know, a really fun fabric book with buttons, zippers, velcro all geniously designed to keep kids busy and quiet in appropriate places.. i.e church, appointments, meetings. Well, now grown up my self and getting ready for my first baby, I decided I should try my hand at a quiet book. But not just any quiet book, I wanted to do a themed one - because everything is more fun to make when it's themed...and what's more fun than sci-fi themes....and what's the greatest sci-fi show ever created?Star Trek....more
I did not think my level of sci fi nerdiness could advance any further. It. Has. more

NaBloPoMo Soup: Open Thread for November NaBloPoMo Posts

You have posts and we want to read them. This is an open thread for people to post a link to their daily November NaBloPoMo posts that they publish on their personal blogs. Please use the comment section below to add your post, and peruse the comment section in order to find great things to read as well as support your fellow NaBloPoMo'ers. Bookmark this post so you can use it all month. ...more
From Trauma to ... more

How We Do Family Time On The Clements Farm

We yell.  We laugh.  We cry.  We put our pants on in one giant jump.I hate to admit that we watch the idiot box a LOT more than we should.  Jacob and I are on computers WAY too much.  The little ones watch a SINFUL amount of cartoons.Sometimes, we just have to break out of the shell that is the house.  We get a little stir crazy.  And on these beautiful fall days, how can we possibly pass up a little sunshine to brighten our freckles?...more
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An explanation

I am not a blogger--I am a diarist. I (mostly) do not write "seriously". Well, okay, once in a while. But I am not a journalist in the sense that I am writing for an online newspaper. I just write about my daily life. So you will see lots of little posts about daily things in CountryMouse's Refuge. Or things I just want to post and pass along. Laters!...more
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I have recently taken up crocheting again. I have taken up crocheting many times throughout my adult life, but never gotten very far, because I thought I should start by making something, and I didn’t like the way my projects looked. This time, I am trying a different approach. I am just practicing....more
Gurrrrl you just tickled my tickle spot. I am the crochet queen, let us bow our heads and give ... more

Doodle Per Diem #1

I haven't updated my blog in a long time. For the people that have been following me, I am sorry....more
Wow, that's quite a goal. Good luck! more

Bad Mothering Lawsuit: What Will Your Kids Sue You For Someday?

I’ve seen some stupid lawsuits in my day. I mean, hello, coffee is hot. Unless it’s iced coffee, and then you might be in for a brain freeze if you drink it too quickly. (Consider this your warning.) However, a lawsuit out of Illinois by a pair of “grown,” adult children recently attempted to sue their mom for -- get this -- bad mothering. The judges eventually threw it out, for good reason, but now there’s a general feeling of, “Wait, that can happen?” ...more
This world is done. Stop it. I wanna get off. This is madness. The worst part of it all is ... more

Needed: A Fancy, Legit Christmas Registry

How convenient would it be? Every year, go online and plug in what your family is wishing for in the coming holiday season. Amazon, Target? Where are you? Maybe it already exists....more
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Co-Sleeping Beauty

I am totally prepared to burn over this one.  Totally torch and pitchfork ready. Co-sleeping blows.I know you are going to get all, "Hey, your baby needs your comfort!  It won't last forever!"  Neither will my youth, my sanity, or my sex life.  First I would say that my babies are no longer babies.  One is two and the other four.  Oh, and the 17 year old started out or finished up the night with us until he was 11.  Needless to say the husbo and I have never really had a long stretch without kids in the bed....more
@DesiValentine4 Thanks for taking it the way I meant it. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my kids. I love ... more