Announcing BlogHer '10 and BlogHer Business '10

Today BlogHer is thrilled to announce the date, location and venue for BlogHer '10 and BlogHer Business '10. Finally, after five on the West Coast and MIdwest, we are hitting the East Coast. And not just anywhere. Meet us in the Big Apple, Baby! BlogHer is hitting New York City!! And you can register now! Can I hear a w00t?! Here are the details: What: BlogHer Business '10 and BlogHer '10 Dates: BlogHer Business '10 on Thursday August 5th, 2010 BlogHer '10 on Friday and Saturday, August 6-7, 2010 Where: New York, NY ...more

NYC is too close to miss! BlogHer09 was awesome and I loved speaking on the PatientBlogger ... more

Increase Your Weight Loss Success By Dieting With A Friend

If you are really serious about losing weight and eating healthy, ask a friend to join you. A friend or dieting partner can be very beneficial to your success. Someone you can go to the gym with. Someone you can share a healthy meal with. Someone you can share your dieting ups and downs with. ...more

I absolutely have a workout partner, and I don't think I'd go to the gym half as often if I ... more

BlogHers - Living, Coping, and Blogging with Chronic Illness

Millions of women suffer from chronic illness, and many of them courageously blog on how they are living and coping with their disease. Whether you suffer with chronic illness or you know someone who does, these BlogHers have much they can share with you. Being sick is like being on a roller coaster -- you can be up and hopeful one minute and down and doubtful the next. Your illness can take unexpected and unpredictable turns. One disease can dispose you to or give rise to another. This can be frightening as well as exasperating. Finding medication that works, being committed to following a good treatment plan and maintaining honest, direct and open communication with your healthcare providers takes time, energy and skill. But this is only part of the picture. Living with illness affects every part of your life and every significant relationship you have. -- living with chronic illness ...more

I am completely honored to have my blog featured in your post - thank you so much for the ... more