NBC's Razor Sharp Social Integration

NBC has been doing cool web content for years, but at the beginning of this season I noticed that they’ve really amped up their integration across television, web and social media. And I was impressed. First as a user, then as a social media professional, and I want to highlight some of the coolest things that NBC is doing....more

The US Capitol at Night

I have some mixed feelings about DC. I love the museums, the architecture, the history, and the tradition that is so steeped in every building. But New York will always have my heart, and DC just can’t compare. I was at the Capitol for work on Wednesday night, and I snapped this picture with my iPhone on my way out.For me, this moment sums up everything I love about DC, and everything I miss about New York....more

How do you Track your Blog Stats?

Do you have goals for your blog? What are they? Regardless of your actual goals, it’s important to keep track of your progress! Plus, depending on your bloggy income, you may need to keep track for tax purposes.Now, if you’re really raking in the dough, you should probably invest in QuickBooks or another small business software. My tips are for the blogger who makes a little extra Starbucks money....more
I would love to learn how and whee to start a blog, than I'll let you know the answer to your ...more

Organizing Digital Clutter

It can be easy to focus on organizing physical clutter – papers, closets, cabinets, etc – and overlook the digital clutter. But for those of us who spend so much time online, digital clutter can be just as bad or even worse than physical clutter! So, let’s get to organizing!...more
@BlogHer I need this so muchmore

Organize Your Paper Clutter!

I recently decided that I just had to do something about all of my paper clutter. So I pulled it all out into a big pile in the middle of my living room, and got to it! Please excuse the dark photos – this was one of those impromptu-middle-of-the-night organizing sprees. ...more
@Michelle - I actually started this binder method in October, and it's still working for me. ...more

Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Every once in a while I like to do something special for my Pomeranian, Teddy and his doggie buddies, and these peanut butter dog treats are always a big hit. Plus, they are SO easy to make!Ingredients 2 cups flour 1 tablespoon baking powder 1 cup peanut butter 1 cup non fat milk (I used vanilla soy milk)...more

Black Hat vs White Hat – What You Need to Know

So you have a blog/twitter/Facebook/Google+ and you’re looking to grow. That’s great! Maybe you want to work with brands, or get speaking gigs, or maybe you just want to be an all around Social Media Heavyweight. No matter what your goals are, when you want to grow your numbers there are two ways to do it – black hat and white hat....more