Green Thumb?

When A and I were looking for a house, we were generally in agreement on the majority of the details we hoped it would possess, but none more than this: we didn’t want a big yard.I mean, really. It’s so much work. Who wants to be shackled to their home every weekend, mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, and pruning the bushes?...more
@victorias_view Thanks! Either it'll be lots of salad for us...or for the snails. SOMEONE (or ... more

I Did Not Expect to Be Hurt or Loved By Blogging

When I started blogging, I thought it'd just be me and my laptop. I'd just be posting interesting items from my online shopping experience here, and I'd have a million readers who'd thank me for showing them the way with gorgeous stuff for their babies, toddlers and themselves. Come back when you've stopped laughing. ...more
Great post! But what I love even more is that you took the time to respond to every comment. ... more

Stone Soup Mondays: Best Blog Posts from August 8th to August 15th

Back again for another installment of Stone Soup Mondays, an open thread that collects the best things you read on the Web and compiles them in one space to extend the lifespan of a great blog post by two weeks. If you missed this series in the past, please click here to read more about the impulse behind the idea. ...more
I hate to be that girl who does shameless self-promotion (well, actually, if I hated it that ... more