Body Image, Weight and The Internet

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Lessons Learned from Starting a Second Blog

Some things just fail. That’s what most people don’t share. I failed at maintaining a second blog, Beauty Shy, which now forwards to Those Graces. Beauty Shy was supposed to be a place to share my everyday musings about makeup to help others feel more comfortable with makeup. I came to a realization: I wasn’t a beauty blogger. I am a blogger who shares about my life, which happens to include an unnatural love of eyeshadow palettes and blush. I wanted to share the lessons I learned from starting a second blog. ...more
I have two blogs because I need separation. I don't need adoption angst on my family blog. I ...more

Don't Tell Me I Got Married Too Young

While at a birthday party in a crowded and loud pub, a woman I had met just twenty minutes earlier shouted at me, “WOW! You got married young!”Dumbfounded, I didn’t quite know what to say, which is why the dreaded words pour out of my mouth, “Well, when you know, you know!” The fact was I hated when people told me this while I was engaged. It seemed to be the most cliche explanation that gives no guidance as to how to decide whether to get married....more
I won't tell you got married to young - a lot of my friends got married around the same age. I ...more

Bad Beauty

If I opened up my linen closet and calculated how much I’ve spent on face washes, moisturizers, and acne treatment products, I would probably cry. I’ve tried every brand from Murad to Clean and Clear to Neutrogena. On top of that, I have multiple foundations, concealers, correctors, and powders to minimize my acne that my products refuse to clear. And it got me thinking: Why do I cover up my beauty problems instead of trying to fix them?The truth is that I am finally ready to face one of my beauty issues instead of covering them up....more

Breaking Up With Friends

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3 Movies That Made Me

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All the Reasons Why I Love This American Life

Earlier this week, I listened to Mr. Daisey and the Apple Factory, an episode of This American Life that aired a few weeks ago. I caught myself staring off in a distance deep in thought as Daisey gave a grim portrayal of Apple factories....more

Is Your Past Truly Yours?

Last night I sat down intending to write about breaking up with friends, but I found myself tiptoeing around my own past in favor of speaking vaguely about my own friend breakup. Instead, I found myself holding back and hesitant about sharing specifics. It got me thinking: Which parts of my past are truly mine alone?...more
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A Year Without Facebook

A year ago this month, I permanently deleted my Facebook account after six years. My life has changed in surprising ways: I started a blog, made new friends and even landed a job. Keep reading to find out more about my Facebook-less journey.The Why...more