Last Minute No Sew DIY Emmet From The Lego Movie Costume

Last Minute No Sew DIY EmmetFrom The Lego Movie Costume...more
None of these photos work....more

Using Social Media To Create Community

Using Social Media To Create CommunityIf you are a blogger like me, you spend a large portion of your day in front of your computer screen....more

Sriracha Bacon Recipe

Sriracha Bacon RecipeI have decided to marry two of the most popular flavors on the planet right now....more

5 Steps To Easily Transition Seasonal Clothes Into Your Closet

5 Steps To Easily Transition Seasonal Clothes Into Your ClosetStep 1.Procrastinate. Seriously. Procrastinate. By at least a week if not two.  Just when you are starting to feel the weather turn it is NOT time to change over your clothes in your closet. Why? Because there is some rule of the universe that says once you switch your clothes to the new season the weather reverts to the previous season. I love to procrastinate about housework....more

Save Money Upgrading Your iPhone

This post contains affiliate links. They help me pay for this site, but they help you earn bonuses too!...more

Football Players Leave Cash In An Unlocked Store

Image from abcnewsI was watching the TODAY show this morning when the segment about the William Paterson University football players who left cash in an unlocked store for their purchases came on the program. I stopped what I was doing to watch the segment and see why everyone was cheering these young men....more

3 Methods Of Making Strawberry Jam


How To Make Your Own Bread Crumbs

Making breadcrumbs is so easy. It is a great way to use up  the heels of the bread or bread that has gone stale. Pro Tip: Save your pieces of bread in a freezer bag until you are ready to make your crumbs. Break up your bread into pieces and pop them in your food processor. ...more

How I Hosted a Dinner Party for 6 for Less Than $60

My husband and I love to entertain! But like many who love to entertain we don't take the time to do it nearly enough. So last weekend we had 2 couples over for "fancy dinner." I was able to feed 6 people an appetizer, steak Diane, sautéed green beans, roasted potatoes and apple pie for dessert for $10 each! How much would that cost you in your local fancy restaurant? I bet you couldn't get the entree alone for less than $30. ...more
Anyone who has been looking for frugal shopping tips could have done this....not ground breaking.more

How To Dry Chives 2 Options

The chives in my herb garden are ready to be cut. They have gone to flower and it is time. Be sure to cut your chives in the morning. ...more
Thank you for sharing this.  I have always frozen mine, but love the idea of drying them. I have ...more