Incorporating Art and Crafting Into Homeschooling

When my husband and I decided to homeschool, I looked forward to having the freedom to incorporate Arts and Crafts into our lessons at an accelerated level. I grew up in a home where my parents were always working on a project, be it home improvements, woodworking, sewing, or crafting. I learned early on the joy that comes from creating with your own hands and it was something I wanted to be sure to pass along to my own kids....more
My husband and I are big crafters and always trying something new and we just incorporate the ...more

Summer of Science

Take It Seriously

I started off this year with big intentions and then let medical issues, the kids’ schedules, indecision about my goals, doubt about my intentions, and just about everything else hold me in a frozen state of existence.  In my mind I was squashing those doubts but in reality I’d quit moving forward.  Some kind of numbing, disengaging voodoo had washed over me.  Even now, it’s as if I’m detached and going through the motions. ...more

Little Drops of Spring - Eggless, Lemon, White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Out of desperation comes genius, or is it innovation? Despite the fact that the girls (a.k.a. chickens) are back to their full production, I still ran out of eggs last week and my cravings for a sweet citrusy treat were unsatiable so I improvised.  These little drops of spring were what I came up with and they are delicious!...more