She Went for Her Dreams

I've had the honor of walking this journey with Ariane Hunter, a beautiful soul and fellow B-School Babe (with an MBA from Dowling College), who is passionate about helping women to be their best selves. Ariane is a deeply spiritual and intuitive career coach - but I believe her true gift is her eye for capturing intimate moments....more

The Real Scandal: Homewreckers Are NOT Heroines!

Olivia Pope. I love her. I want to be her. She's stylish, talented, successful and always seems to know the right thing to do or say....more
Mellie chooses to stay in this relationship like so many other women. She is welllll aware of ...more

To Marissa Mayer from Maternity Leave

Dear Marissa Mayer,I am writing to you from a hotel room in a conference center, hooked up to my breast pump, in between class sessions of the Executive MBA program in which I am enrolled. I am on the last days of my maternity leave. I plan to return to the office on Monday....more

The Milk Wars: Thoughts from a soon-to-be Working Mom

With less than a week left before I return to work, these are the things that are going through my mind:1. Will I be able to juggle it all?2. Will I miss out on all of the "important" milestones?3. Will I be the kind of mother and role model that I want my child to have?And finally...4. Will I be able to keep the connection between us even though I'll be away for 8+ hours a day?...more
I hope it has been going well for you! You can do it. If you make the commitment and if you have ...more

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B-School Babe now has a Facebook page!...more

Six Inspirational Talks from TEDxFiDi Women

Live your most pleasurable life. Learn to become a miracle worker. Accomplish what matters to you. Whichever one you choose to watch first, this collection of TED Talks from phenomenal women will rock your world. Gabrielle Bernstein Featured in the New York Times Sunday Styles section as “a new role model,” motivational speaker, life coach and author Gabrielle Bernstein is making her mark. ...more

Does Having a Baby Really Have to Change Everything?

Okay, you knew it was inevitable. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes... well, technically before the baby, then comes 9-months of a transformative experience. Johnson & Johnson claims that having a baby changes everything. I am super excited about what's ahead and I feel a little guilty admitting this, but I don't want this baby to change EVERYTHING. In particular... ...more
You should really try the maternity clothing available at Morphmaternity. Not only is it ...more

My Name Is Worth $500K

"How is married life?" is probably one of the most common questions that newlyweds get, but if there is one question that crops up most often for women who have announced a recent or upcoming wedding, it's: "are you taking his name?" Here, Sharon dishes all the reasons she isn't. ...more
@LLCoolGrey Thank you, my friend! Glad you enjoyed it.more

Plus 1: The More Women, The Better

The Harvard Business Review released research showing that if a group includes women, its collective intelligence rises. I could not agree more.In my class, the male:female ratio is about 6:1, whereas in my study group the ratio is opposite, one guy to five gals. We named ourselves Plus 1 before Google+ launched, so in my eyes we started ahead of the curve....more

Motherhood as a Retreat from Equality

Great article in the New York Times today about the choices that women have made in Germany, where only 14% of women choose to go back to work their careers full-time after having their first baby and only 6% return to work the office after having their second. This is a stark difference from the 60% of women in neighboring France who have young children and continue to work outside the home....more
If our mothers had not been able to keep my daughter there is no way we could have both kept our ...more