A  It was such a pleasure learning about the life of Maida Belove McCarthy that I keep having to remind myself to stay ...more

Thank you, Sunbonnet!

I pretty much trashed this blog.  Changed the name, changed it back...wondered how I could blog about something as an observer...wondered if it would break my heart.    Then I called my friend, Sunbonnet Smart aka Robin:   Which was an effing brilliant move on my part.  <...more
 @alienbody Oh...Alien...thank you...more

Shame on you, Monte!

She is lovely, and so are your comments!more

In Defense of Marriage

@Allison Cook :) Just got post up...tired...but saw your e-mail and will give it my FULL ...more

When was the last time you felt beautiful?

So, "When was the last time [I] felt beautiful?" Well, a couple of years now, and not my hubby's ...more

How to paint a chalkboard wall

My fiance and I have four grandchildren between us, so when we bought a home together last year we wanted it to be a place where they'd want to come and have loads of fun so I decided to turn a big blank wall in the living into a chalkboard.  I looked around the web a bit for advice and saw so many great ideas for chalkboard paint: refrigerators, dressers, even wine bottles can be painted and decorated with chalk!  I saw this paint mentioned several times in the how-to's: ...more
@widdlewade44 It's such a fun little project widdlewade (love that handle). Post pics if you do ...more

It's like Marie, but with a "T"

My sister and I have a deal. If she is ever comatose, I promise to go the the  hospital at least every other day to pluck her chin hairs.  She promises the same for me.  Tarie (her nickname due to our brothers inability as a child to say "Marie") and I are in our 50s.  Together, we're getting age spots and crows feet and moustaches....more
@HomeRearedChef It's such a hit to our self-esteem when we get involved with lousy men that ...more

Murmuration. One of Mother Nature's Miracles

Murmuration:  A flock of starlings This video was filmed by two young British ladies, Sophie Windsor Clive and Liberty Smith (cool names, huh?) who were paddling across the River Shannon in Ireland.  Thankfully, they had their video camera at the ready when this happened... The Starlings flock like this for a few reasons, one is for warmth, the other - to protect themselves from predators who become confused as the birds form t...more thanks Robin. I think it's just amazing, too. :)more

Psssst....It's vinyl.

  I probably shouldn't write this because I really like the person that was beyond thrilled to get this for Christmas, but I have to ask, would you pay $2,410.00 for this bag?   Before you answer, let me tell you something.  It's vinyl.  OK, Vuitton calls it "Damier canvas" but really, the thing is made of vinyl.   ...more Me, too, on the sandwich bag. There are so many pretty bags out there that ...more

The Girly Thing

My granddaughter, at the ripe old age of eighteen months is being indoctrinated into a life of drudgery.And I'm helping....more
Like Robin said, we are here. And we are friends. I LOVE it! @Allison Cook ...more