OMG! I'm Going to Be a Grandmother! Wait. What Does a Grandmother DO?

My son-in-law was released from the boat and came home to put the crib and dresser changing table combo thingy together. There's been a virtual baby shower and an in-real-life baby shower. Jenn is starting to complain a little bit because 36 weeks feels a whole lot more pregnant than 35 weeks. I'll be in Hawaii in a few weeks and Johnny Mac Pippin will be here soon and I'm back to saying, "OMG I'm Going to Be a Grandmother!" again. It's also started to hit me that I don't exactly know what that means....more
I'm a Grandmother of one, soon to be two.  I tell people it's the only thing I've ever found ... more

Thank you, Sunbonnet!

I pretty much trashed this blog.  Changed the name, changed it back...wondered how I could blog about something as an observer...wondered if it would break my heart.    Then I called my friend, Sunbonnet Smart aka Robin:   Which was an effing brilliant move on my part.  <...more
OmGosh!  I come back here 24 hours later to all of these lucious comments!  Thank you, ... more

Sunbonnet's Big Adventure

Every now and then, little Sunbonnets get the most AMAZING e-mails.On Wednesday, March 21, I was invited by BlogHer to meet with other BlogHers on Friday, March 23, in the Big Apple....more
I knew you were destined for big things... can't wait to read more. I'm still here, Robin - ... more

And The Gentle Deer Walk Among Us

Deer, those gentle creatures with big, soft doe’ee eyes, will forever remind me of the movie I saw as a child, “Bambi.” And to see them now, as they peacefully roam my property and graze without a care in the world, knowing no harm will come to them. Why, it’s enough to melt my once icy heart, like butter left in the scorching sun. Yes, a family of deer, at least a baker’s dozen, does indeed walk among us. For them, this is a Deer Haven. How beautiful is that?...more
My mother bought, for her cabin, an electronic motion detector. It gives off a silent (to human ... more

Of Siblings; Though We Are Many and Poor We’ll Always Be Family

My mother had eight children—that’s a lot of bambinos. But as life would have it, one day we were only six. But can you imagine our family of six children, plus Mom and Dad, in a small home, and sharing one bathroom? Bad-enough it was hard to hold it, half the time, squeezing your legs and butt-cheeks together, banging on the door, yelling for the occupant to HURRY! But then really imagine what it was like when the entire household came down with that 24-hour flu, with disasters coming from both ends. I do not forget those days....more
Love this. more

What We End Up Saying When We Point Fingers

Chances are if you caught the news this morning you saw the picture of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer pointing her finger at President Obama as they stood near Air Force One in Phoenix on Wednesday....more
As an Arizonan, nothing surprises me anymore. From the debacle of 1070 to the recent ... more

The Encore Wedding: Why it's more fun the second time around

Today every wedding is regarded as an occasion for celebration on the scale of your choosing, regardless of the number of times you've walked down the aisle. Rules suggesting that a wedding be quiet or small because it's not your first are for the most part considered remnants of a bygone era. While you can feel free to ignore antiquated negative connotations, you might actually be able to use the old notion that a second wedding should be downplayed to your advantage....more
So glad I found your blog - I am taking my time and enjoying it immensely. It's great to have ... more

In Defense of Marriage

...more LOL! That is so us, except we're old. I have to start watching that show. more

In Defense of Marriage

...more I am so in. more

Laurette and Julie

(...continued from Laurette's Wake Up Call Saturday, January 21, 2012)Sunday morning! Love it! Fresh coffee, breakfast and the New York Times Crossword. Life doesn't get any better than this, even if I can only do about half of the puzzle without help. The whole day is before me and I just can't wait to get started. At the same, time, I know that every second enjoyed ticks off another advance to the work week ahead. Whoa! The bitter with the sweet! But, that's life can be death as well.......more
I am one of eleven, and I am aware that this makes me a very very lucky girl. For years, it was ... more