The Long Road to Autism Diagnosis (and all the signs that were slapping me in the face along the way)

In Hampton, Virginia on June 25, 2006 at 1:09 am EST, a ten pound, healthy baby boy named Olin made his debut on this Earth… and I was a very nervous new mommy.  He continued to grow and grow, and thrive on breast milk.  I returned to work after three months and Olin had a very easy time transitioning from being home with me to being with a babysitter, and I thanked my lucky stars for that!!!!  I always said, “Olin is horrible birth control!  He is the easiest baby ever!!”  He continued to develop, and started sitting up unassisted around 6 months, and he used to ma...more

My first IEP meeting… and I cried like a baby

The day seems so long ago now… June 3rd, 2008.  Looking back, it’s hard to believe that is the same woman staring back at me in the mirror today.  Let me back this up a little bit:...more
@Forever 17 Thank you for reading! Hopefully as years pass, acceptance, awareness, and kindness ...more

My Wordless Wonder...

Autism is a subject very near and dear to my heart.  I find myself reading blogs and articles about autism all the time to connect with people going through the same things as me.  They are a source of inspiration and support for me.  They make me cry; they make me laugh; they give me hope.  I don’t plan on always writing about autism, but I’m sure it will be a subject that pops up most often.  If there’s ever a certain question you have about autism, go ahead and ask :) My son Olin was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of 2, and i...more