How Do You Tell Your Child He Is Autistic?

How do you tell your child he has autism? Seriously, how do you do this? ...more
I have 4 autistic grandsons on all ends of the spectrum. We have learned about autism as they ...more

Retiring Baby: When Your Little One Grows Up

It's the night before the first day of school. Everyone's in good spirits, some more excited than others, but it's good enough. My youngest sat in bed, cuddling his little blue bear, “Baby.” I smiled as I remembered the first time I gave him that bear. He was a small guy, maybe three-years-old. He was going to bed and experiencing his typical nighttime anxiety, not wanting me to leave the room until he was fast asleep. I sat at the edge of his bed and picked up the little blue bear, and put it into his arms. He quickly cuddled it. ...more
This resonates with me having just kissed my baby girls goodbye at the school gates for their ...more

Letting Go & Holding On—How a Mother Survives Raising a Child with Mental Illness

I never thought motherhood would look like this. I’m sure most moms would nod their head in agreement, but I really thought I was prepared. I read “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” from cover to cover along with any other book I could get my hands on. I talked to new moms and very experienced moms. I was going into motherhood with my eyes wide open, but nothing prepared me for raising a child with mental illness....more

It Takes a Village

Today my bipolar child became threatening again, I tried to offer him support to help him calm down, a new technique that has proven to be successful, but today it wasn’t working and things were escalating quickly. So I did something I’ve never done before, I called for back up.While holding my son’s door shut, as he tried to throw stuff at me from the other side, I called a friend to come to my house, I told her it was an emergency. Knowing our family situation, she dropped everything and quickly came to our house. ...more

Autism and My Child: Getting Familiar with What I Already Know

My experience in having my youngest son assessed for autism spectrum disorder has taken me for a bumpy ride. At first, I went through a period of grieving that made it hard to eat and sleep. This was surprising since I never went through this stage with my oldest son when he was diagnosed with a mood disorder. Sure, I was devastated at times, but I didn’t struggle with a feeling of loss so abruptly. I think it was due to my desperate need for my oldest son’s rages to stop and my understanding early on that he had a brain problem....more

Will My Child’s Label Become a Scarlet Letter?

Over the last few days I’ve read or listened to some very disturbing conversations regarding my children, one with Bipolar Disorder and the other with Aspergers. It honestly feels like our family is wearing a scarlet letter. People believe that all evil comes from families like mine and if society would just remove my children, the world would be a safer place. More than once, I’ve listened to reasoning from individuals that claim the solution to all mass shootings is to have a registry for all people with “labels” or those taking medication so the government can monitor them....more

I was Horrified! Mental Patients are Not Monsters!

This Halloween our community clubhouse had their annual haunted house. As we were about to attend the event with our older boys, I noticed that the haunted house was titled “The Asylum”. The invitation read, “Attempt to maintain your sanity as you tour through ‘The Asylum!’”Hmmm... We decided that it was probably best to stay home since my son has a mental illness. I expected the event to be a little offense, but I seriously underestimated!...more

For Better or For Worse: How a Marriage Survives Raising a Special Needs Child

My husband and I decided to share with you one of many challenges we’ve faced in our marriage and the lessons we learned with hopes to encourage any of you who may find yourself in a similar situation. Like any good story, I have to start from the beginning. When my son was first diagnosed with mental illness, my husband and I took two very different paths to cope....more
I just want to say I can relate to everything you blog about. I am a mom of 4 children and my 16 ...more

When Church Doesn’t Welcome You and Your Special Needs Child

Over the past year I’ve received a handful of emails from parents that have been pushed away from their church. In some cases, it’s due to ignorance. As in the case of the family that was told that their child’s mental illness was a direct result of the parent’s sin. Other times, it’s more subtle, maybe their child is too loud during service and can’t sit still, taking away from the “holy” experience, bringing on hushed criticism or rude looks. Either way, the intolerance is felt and families leave their church when unfortunately, they need it most....more

Why Would God Do this?

Recently I was asked “Why would God do this?”I have to admit that I’ve asked myself that same question before. As a parent of child with a serious mental illness, there’s been plenty of times when I felt angry at God, I felt like He didn’t love us and that’s why we were going through all of this pain. I also thought that maybe He was punishing us or rejecting us....more