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“And there were only thirty-two comments. I mean, did she not love me enough to promote my post further? My sister’s post? The one I mentioned last week? About the diaper accident? One-hundred-seventy-four. And it was picked up by the Huffington Post. Was my lisp not good enough? Was I not good enough?” ...more
Oh, no! I thought I was being considerate by not refering to my kids by name.... Bad momma! more

Nine Year-Old Girl QB Impressive in Boys' Football League [Video]

A highlight reel of a youth football player has become an Internet sensation with two million+ views and counting. Why the big deal? Because the video showcases 9-year-old Utah native Sam Gordon playing in an all-boys tackle football league. And, yeah. Sam is a girl.Posted on YouTube by the Sam's father, Brent (who must be the proudest dad on the planet), the video displays the girl's talent for bursting through coverage, making incredible runs, breaking tackles and making tackles of her own. She also shows that she can take a hard hit -- just like the boys....more
Thanks for some background on this story. I first saw part of the video on the Today Show and ... more