Guess What? The Waitress Carrying Your Food Has No Sick Time.

Many people are already familiar with the conundrum that many restaurant industry employees usually face when they become ill. Like other laborers who receive no benefits, they either work while sick or pay their rent late. The restaurant industry gets additional attention because those sick workers are breathing on the public's food. What many people do not understand is that the industry is set up to keep it this way, and changing this would require a massive overhaul of how the restaurant industry runs and makes money....more
Under Cover, did you ever waitress or bartend?  At least for an extensive period of time and ... more

My Kid Talks A Lot -- Even in the Movie Theater

My son is a talker. He wakes up talking. This morning, after I realized he had crawled into our bed (he woke up half and hour early), he said, "I can't wait for tomorrow!!" He goes to sleep talking, sometimes in mid-sentence. He even talks in his sleep. He talks during his soccer games, regaling his teammates (who are actually trying to kick the ball) with funny observations or trying to get them to answer the proverbial question, "Guess what?" just so he can answer, "Chicken butt!" He talks in the bathtub, throughout dinner, and while he's peeing. We've suspected he's got the ADD since he was two, but since it isn't interfering with his academic success and doesn't seem to drive his teachers crazy enough to write notes home, we've decided to ride this out until we absolutely have to have him tested....more
That was such a great post and I can totally relate!  With everything!  My nephew is now 11 ... more