Reebok Spartan Race GIVEAWAY!!!

When I was approached to write an article for the Reebok Spartan Race I first had to ask:  "What is that anyway?"  All I knew about Spartans came from my Greek literature classes in college.  And from those I merely knew that the Spartans were the fighters.  After viewing this video I understood perfectly well why this race was named THE SPARTAN RACE....more
I wasn't able to leave a post on Facebook (Don't know why) but I shared your post & liked your ...more

OH, The Things You Can Make With Fresh Corn: A Pinterest Recipe AND Southwestern Pizza!

I have decided.  "Why just keep pinning all of these great Pinterest ideas and never try them out?"  And so a couple of weeks ago, I started experimenting with some of the recipes I have collected.  Today I will share another one that I tried AND a favorite recipe of my own...that YOU might like to try! ...more

Driving Miss Daisy And Making Peace With Wal-Mart

Several years ago I found myself in the position of having to take my aging mother's car keys away from her.  Now, before you start to judge me about that, I need to explain that my mother has macular degeneration and is legally blind.  At the time I had no idea how bad her eyesight had become.  I just happened to take her to her eye specialist that day and before he left the exam room I simply asked him what her driving limitations should be.  An innocent enough question, right?  Well, his reply startled me:  "It should be limited to her driveway."  OH MY...more

A BIG EASY Fourth of July AND A New Baby Comes In With A BANG!

Baby Beckett's due date was July 5th, so the plan for us this year was to spend the 4th of July in New Orleans instead of on the river.  Robby and I loaded up and headed south on the 3rd, staying with Ryan and Allison since David and Codi's guest bedroom had been turned into a nursery. The morning of the 4th, Ryan, Allison,Robby and I all went down to the the French Quarters to walk around and eat some lunch... ...more

I Was Your Mom...I Was Your Cheerleader

I was never a cheerleader in school.  You could say I never had the disposition for it...or the athletic ability.  I tried being a booster for a short period of time but that just wasn't for me either.  I was that artsy kid.  I loved my music and books and theater but as soon as I became a mom, I became a cheerleader.  A cheerleader for my kids, that is. When you were born and I looked into your eyes, I knew that I would move heaven and earth for you.I would protect you, guide you and cheer you on throughout the entirety of your life....more

8 Days Of Agony...

The plan was to make all of my doctor's appointments, get Ryan's engagement party over with, travel to Texas to make plans for the rehearsal dinner and then begin getting ready for the arrival of Baby Holli.  I would watch Caitlin's progress carefully and around the end of March, Robby and I would drive the baby furniture to Ohio and there we would stay until Holli was born.  Robby would leave in  a few days and I planned on staying until the baby turned a month old.  Yesterday all of those plans came to a screeching halt...until after 8 agonizing days pass....more

My Thyroid Journey: Losing Weight and Getting Fit

After my diagnosis of hypothyroidism I had to get my medication adjusted to the proper dosage before I could concentrate on and get serious about losing some weight and getting fit.  Having always been a fitness nut, the symptoms of this condition (before treated) left me tired and with no desire to even get up off of the couch most days.  Once I was put on Synthroid and my dosage was adjusted properly, I began to get some of my former energy back...I was ready to tackle getting fit, which included losing 20 pounds! ...more

A "Different" Kind Of Thanksgiving...

I'm not really crazy about "different"...change...all that stuff, but no matter how I don't like it, things are gonna change (sigh...).  And this Thanksgiving was definitely "different" for me. ...more

ROAD TRIP: To Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days

You remember Bonnie & Clyde, don't you?  They are those well-known outlaws who traveled throughout the United States during the Great Depression Era.  Finally caught and gunned down in Arcadia, Louisiana, we down here in the south have done what most southerners do to commemorate such an event...Turn the place of their capture into a flea market!  It had been many years since I have traveled to Bonnie & Clyde Trade Days so when my sister mentioned a few girls going for the day on Saturday, I decided to tag along... ...more

A Thankful Heart...

During this month I have enjoyed reading all of the Facebook posts about the things people are thankful for.  It caused me to ponder if there is anything that puts one more at peace than a "thankful heart". What is a "thankful heart", you may ask.  It is a heart that is filled with gratitude on a daily (if not moment by moment) basis.  Do you have a thankful heart?  One that attempts to see the good in everything?  One that awakes in the morning thanking God for even the breath that you take? ...more