Delicious Ways to Reduce Food Waste

In this day and age, we all do our best to look out for the planet. Whether by recycling our papers, plastics, and cans, using homemade facial products or cleaning solutions, investing in bikes or organizing carpools, or refilling our (BPA free) plastic water bottles, rather than purchasing disposable ones, most of us have incorporated small, eco-conscious efforts into our daily rhythms....more

Easy Raw and Vegan Recipes to Freshen Your Summer Table

Of all the many joys of summer months—longer afternoons, weekends spent with one’s toes in the sand, farmers’ markets bursting with ripe produce—outdoor entertaining is one of the sweetest. What’s better than the chance to celebrate balmy weather and one’s loved ones at once? Summer is the season in which friends most love to share fresh food. ...more
I guess this is a popular subject these days, I just stumbled upon a slideshow presentation ...more

Dispatches from Vida Vegan Con 2011

For three days last weekend, vegan bloggers from all over the world gathered in Portland, Oregon, for the Vida Vegan Bloggers' Conference. This conference -- the first of its kind -- celebrated the talent, energy, and diversity of the vegan blog community. Though most of the bloggers who attended write about vegan cuisine, the focus of the conference was far broader than food alone. Hot topics included activism, writer’s block, positive blogging, opinionated blogging, nutrition, photography, privacy, and much more. Running beneath it all was a shared passion for animals, health, and the environment....more
So happy to get to meet you and do the Special Diets class with you. I hope this incredible ...more