Professionalize Your Passion: Build a Budget

Last year I "Retired Before I Retired. Much has changed in a year. When I first wrote about my husband and I envisioning retirement it was I who had made the big career change.  I quit my job, started a consulting business, finished working on a book, and went through a training program to become a certified vegan lifestyle coach. ...more
Super helpful and excellent post, JL! My question is actually technical: what do you use to ... more

How I Retired Before I Retired

Last month I spent 40+ hours in a vegan lifestyle coaching academy. A year ago, if someone had suggested I do such a thing, I would have thought them crazy. That was before I walked away from a good-paying, steady job, months before turning 47 years old. ...more
Great post, JL!   I like the concept of "retirement" not as an absence of professional work, but ... more

Easy Raw and Vegan Recipes to Freshen Your Summer Table

Of all the many joys of summer months—longer afternoons, weekends spent with one’s toes in the sand, farmers’ markets bursting with ripe produce—outdoor entertaining is one of the sweetest. What’s better than the chance to celebrate balmy weather and one’s loved ones at once? Summer is the season in which friends most love to share fresh food. ...more
 @playales So sorry about that! You layer the eggplant over the cashew cheese spread. We'll edit ... more