Why Digital Photo Storage Makes Sense for Users

It's the year of online storage. Dropbox became an overnight sensation. Google+ upped the ante tripling its online storage offering across all of its products. Yahoo gives Flickr a new face and a free terabyteof photo storage for all. With so many options to store our media online, what does this mean for users? ...more
I agree digital online storage is a must.  I've used it for years!more

Will Visual Content Drive the Future Blogging Space?

A picture is worth a thousand words. The tech space is seeing a resurgence in visual content from major interface redesigns such as Tumblr's latest Android update, to larger photos such as Facebook's latest update to News Feed. It's obvious visual content is becoming increasing popular. Tumblr reached a notable moment recently by reaching over 100 million blogs on its platforms. ...more
I agree with you Nelle, media should provide multiple ways for us to consume content based on ...more

Why I'm Thankful for Social Media This Valentine's Day

On this day 4 years ago, the man of my dreams met my family. We had a Valentine's Day breakfast (pictured above) and had our first date as a committed couple. It was that day that we professed our love for each other, and decided we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together....more

Will Storybook Apps Replace Physical Books for Children?

I can still recall when my dad read to me as a child. Still. Now that I'm a mother, I often reflect on how my parents raised me--what they said, what they taught me, and how they handled similar situations that come with being a parent....more