Michelle Richmond's New Book is Available for Pre-Order

Michelle Richmond from Sans Serif has a new novel, Golden State, due for release from Bantam on February 4th and available for pre-order now through online retailers. She also accepts orders for signed, personalized copies via her website. "Mesmerizing and intricate, Richmond's dissection of California on the brink of secession from the nation provides the backdrop for her deeper inspection of the fragile, uneasy relationship between siblings...  a riveting read recommended for fans of Jodi Picoult and Jacquelyn Mitchard." It's a Booklist starred review. ...more
Thanks so much for sharing this! We'll be having a book launch party at Green Apple Books in San ... more

The Time FBI Agents Brought My Kids Home at 6:30 AM

The week before school resumed, we let the kids watch Wild Kratts on the iPad each morning when they woke up. They were happy and quiet, and Tom and I got a few more minutes to sleep or simply talk quietly before our days began.You can imagine our horrified surprise the morning that, after a loud rap on the front door at 6:30, we found the boys standing on the front porch with two FBI agents.I am not kidding....more
Scary! But also a great story, and a sweet one. I've  been married to an FBI agent for twelve ... more

How do I get to ad code page?

This may sound stupid but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to get to the page where the different ad codes are so I can ad some to my page. Thanks.

Would You Maim a Buddy?

Now, hold on. I don't mean that the way it sounds, I promise! I like to read the author's notes and acknowledgements in books and Lisa Gardner's notes for Touch and Go were fascinating. I loved finding out how many characters in the book were named after real people....more
Maybe an ex. Maybe. But that seems harsh. Okay, an ex who doesn't read. (Which is would be ... more

Finding Beauty in a Harsh Existence

I spent a lot of time while reading Lisa Gardner's newest book, Touch and Go, trying to figure out Libby. She was broken but she also showed a resilience and strength that surprised me, as I believe it did her kidnappers. I appreciated the glimpses of her past that we received, particularly the one below:...more
I always find beauty in nature. The ocean, mostly, but also the canyon behind my house. Also, an ... more

Knowing Isn't Always Enough

In Lisa Gardner's new thriller, Touch and Go, the characters really knew better than to do many of things they did. The kidnappers knew that kidnapping a whole family was wrong. Libby knew taking drugs to numb the pain wasn't a good thing. Knowing something is right isn't always enough....more
Ah, all the time. But only really if it's sort of a small thing. I'm a rationalist at heart, and ... more

Pain Has a Flavor

"Here is something I learned when I was eleven years old: Pain has a flavor. The question is, what does it taste like to you?" ...more
I agree with lauralohr. Proust's madeleine may be the most oft-referenced intersection between ... more

Using Texts To Strengthen Your Relationship

I firmly believe that technology had changed how we do relationships. When we are apart from our loved ones we don't just have to rely on phone calls and letters. We have emails, social media, and yes, even text messages at our disposal as a means to communicate. Sometimes it's easier to put our thoughts out via text than it is in person, as Sophie Morgan discovered in Diary of a Submissive:...more
My husband and I text back and forth a few times a day. Sometimes it's mundane stuff about ... more

Using the Internet to Find Your Community

The process of finding your community has changed a lot since the internet came into being. It used to be that we'd have to head out in our actual physical community and attempt to find the people with the same interests as us. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. If it didn't work, you could feel very isolated. When the internet came along, we could find and connect with people that shared those interests from all around the world....more
Online communities for women writers and readers have been important to me--goodreads to connect ... more

Where Do You Find Confidence?

Confidence takes many forms. We can have confidence in our abilities. We can have confidence in our personal relationships. Most of all, we can have confidence in ourselves. In Diary of a Submissive, Sophie Morgan shares her story about how she found the confidence to not only take what life threw at her, but also to seek the things she really wanted in life. ...more
My work gives me confidence. So does a killer pair of shoes. more