10 Reasons Why I Homeschool

People regularly ask me why our family homeschools. I came up with a list of 10 reasons (there are more) along with a few negatives that sometimes make me question why we homeschool. My kids are currently in third grade, second grade and preschool (age four)....more
This is a great list!  Thanks for sharing!  I'm thinking about homeschooling my kids.  My twins ... more

6 Lies Stay-at-Home Moms Tell Themselves

I've heard it all before: stay-at-home moms with endless excuses, reasonings, logic and lies that we tell ourselves (and other people) of how and why we are the exceptions to many social norms. "I'm too busy as a SAHM to be able to do that during the day." "People should understand because I'm a SAHM." "Well, that's easy for her to do because she's not a SAHM." Ladies, it's all bull. It really is. ...more
I've only been a stay-at-home mom, and I am exempt to these above rules because I had twins, but ... more

Honest Questions About Becoming a Mom

Just the other day I had an interesting conversation with my mom. I was asking her all kinds of questions about having kids and, bless her heart, she answered all of them patiently. However, I'm still curious and would love to know your answers....more
A1: No.  And I don't think anyone is ever fully aware of the self-sacrifice it is, especially in ... more

I Can't Afford Kids, Either

I read an article on nbcnews today about newlyweds and affording kids and I thought, "That could be us!"...more
The couple in the article made $3000 a month and spent it all too?  Even without other debt?  I ... more

Making Mornings Easier to Manage and a $100 Giveaway

UPDATE 3/4: This sweepstakes has ended. For another chance to win, read the latest post from Recipe Girl here....more
I love real butter, and the canola oil will help it spread. more

Are We Losing Friendships Over Social Media?

What would never happen in the face-to-face world happens without thought online daily. Of course, the rules for social interactions can't always carry over from the face-to-face world into the Internet; we just don't have the emotional bandwidth to read and respond to dozens (or for some people, hundreds) of status updates daily. And most updates don't carry with them emotional weight. But major life news, accomplishments, losses, emotional anniversaries -- these have the potential to bring out a lot of hurt feelings when we can see that our words were heard but elicited no response. ...more
The reason my husband stopped using facebook was because it all too often caused too much drama ... more

How Foodstamps Helped Me Feed My Kids and Rebuild My Life

I was at the supermarket checkout line when the cashier asked me if I wanted to make a donation for the needy.I would have liked to, but instead, I flashed my food stamps card and shook my head, saying: “I can’t. This time, I’m the needy.”The poor guy blushed and mumbled an apology. I suppose he must have felt bad for me.“It’s okay,” I said. “I’m glad to have the help.” ...more
Good, helpful article.  While I am not a single mother, I have received food stamps for my ... more

Could Your Family Live Without Cable? Mine Is About To Find Out.

"Have you lost your mind? Get rid of cable? Did you fall and hit your head? But how could we watch Big Time Rush?? What's going to happen to Good Luck Charlie? Oh dear God no! We're begging you, mom, PLEASE don't get rid of cable!"Image courtesy of Shutterstock...more
Per sports - My husband greatly enjoys sports, BUT, he does get all of his scores on-line and ... more

Am I the Only Mom Who Wishes for a Best Friend?

My negative thoughts as a result were things like, "I have no friends," and "No one cares about my life," and "I wish my sister lived closer because she is the only one that gets me." But, I find myself feeling lonely. And sad. Moms need friends too, right? Or am I the only one? I have always been a people person. I have always had "an easy time making friends" as my Mom would say to me all the time growing up. But, here I am. 35-years-old. 3 kids. A good husband. A stable life. And, all I want is a close friend. ...more
Wow.  Did I write this?  Cause this EXACTLY how I feel.  Often.  Thank you for putting it out ... more

No Mulligans With Abortion

While I totally support women's rights to make decisions about their own bodies, after just about 40 years, I'm still trying to deal with the emotional turmoil from having abortions when I was 18, 19 and 24....more
Being of a completely different situation than you, I can't understand what you went through.  I ... more