Should Kids Ever Play with Guns?

Like many parents, I made a few vows against vices before giving birth to my son, such as no TV, no junk food, no sleep training, no kid clutter and no taking them to the groceries or the mall. Some I abide by but most are now laughable. As it happens, one of those vows included no playing with toy guns. Well, turns out we have toy guns… sort of....more
I saw my 2 year old nephew and a few friends play with their toy guns over the weekend. My first ... more

Nie Asks: How Do You Feel About 2013 So Far?

How are you feeling about the new year? What is coming up? What does 2013 hold for you and yours? Tell me in the comments: I want to know! ...more
In 2013, we are planning on saving money and trying to start a family. So far, everything is ... more

I'm Doing the 52-Week Money Challenge!

Want a relatively painless way to save $1,378 dollars this year? Try taking the 52-Week Money Challenge, which is all the rage of the Internets this time of year. It's pretty simple. You start by moving over a buck in the first week and build up to $52 in the last week. Or, as BlogHer Books Contributing Editor Karen Ballum suggested, you could start with the $52 and work your way down to $1 during the expensive holiday season. I moved over $1 from our joint account to my business account yesterday. Shhh ... don't tell my husband....more
This would be fun and nice to do. Think I might try! more