No Filter

 When I was young, my mother would call me "Frank."  Not because that was my name, of course, and she wouldn't have given that name to me even if I'd been born a boy instead of a girl.  It was her way of acknowledging the fact that I had a habit of speaking my mind regardless of circumstance.  She tried hard to teach me to be polite and now that I'm an adult, I do try to be more aware of the consequences of making inappropriate comments at inappropriate times.  I think my inner filter has become better with most topics....more
I actually still struggle with turning my filter off when it comes to adoption. I can correct ...more

Sometimes I Really Hate Being Right

I was going to post something else today, but Jenna Hatfield wrote an article over heretalking about the atrocity that is the Oxygen show, “I’m Having Their Baby.”  She had the opportunity to watch the show before its airing on July 23rd, so she watched it and then reviewed the show.  I didn’t want to write a post like this.  ...more
Thank you for sharing what happened in Coley's call (over here too). I'm horrified.more