My So-Called Teen Life with Vintage Photos and Bad Poetry

I am not good at directions.  I turn the kids' Christmas presents over to my husband for assembly.  I think Chutes & Ladders has too many rules.  I get lost driving home from the grocery store. My inability to follow directions carries over into my blogger life as well. There are these chain-awards out there that instruct recipients to link things, answer questions, nominate people, and provide urine samples. While it's always nice to be nominated, I'm just way too lazy and unfocused to follow through. ...more
@AndreaCasarsa I gotta say, Andrea, I'm now a believer!  And that would be my official "come ...more

Naming Your Baby

When I was pregnant the first time, I wanted to name our son "Jack." It was always my favorite boy name. I eventually relented when my husband's father became very ill and had not a single grandson named after him. My father-in-law's name?  Daniel. So the order of our children's names was forever changed.  But had the circumstances been different, the first two boys would have been Jack THEN Daniel. And what do you suppose I would have named the third? Coke. ...more

LTYM & the Dead Grandma Card

As several of my BFF's of the blogosphere prepared readings for the big LTYM Show that will take place this May 5th, a recurring question came up: How are you guys preparing for auditions? ...more

The Wonderful Way of Women

When I started my blog, We Band of Mothers, a year and a half ago, I had no expectations other than to improve on my rusty writing abilities.I was amazed when people other than my mom began to follow me.I fell out of my seat when The Wall Street Journal contacted me for a story they were doing relating to one of my blog posts....more

The Scars We Hide

When I was about five years old, I snuck downstairs in the middle of the night to watch television.  This was 1978.  Back then, networks used to go off the air in the middle of the night.  I was only able to find one channel still broadcasting.  It was a movie.  I figured what the hell, I'm up.  Let's give her a go....more

Marriage Has Feelings, Too

The Chicago Sun-times had an article yesterday about the falling rates of marriage for women in our country (apparently 40% of women choose not to marry). Commenters speculated on the reasons for this dip. Some pointed to higher-achieving women. Others blamed high fructose corn syrup....more

As Seen in The Wall Street Journal & Oprah

Have I ever mentioned how Joe and I participated in a Darvin Furniture commercial?  We got a $50 gift card (now expired) for discussing how much we loved Darvin.  I was about 5 months postpartum and looked like Mrs. Claus.That commercial first aired during Oprah.  It also continues to play at the furniture store on a perpetual loop near check-out.  We occasionally get phone messages from friends buying furniture:"Hey, guys!  We just saw you at Darvin!  You two could not be bigger dorks!  LOSERS!"...more
 @We Band of Mothers LOL! You are too kind! My husband would say I'm quite ornery at times ;)more

The Wall Street Journal Called. Really.

I was going to keep this rather hush-hush, but my sister spilled the beans on Facebook yesterday, so I figure I'd let you guys in. A reporter from the Wall Street Journal online site contacted me this week. "Shut the f*ck up," you say? Yup.  The Wall Street Flippin' Journal.  You read it here first (unless you read my sister's Facebook, then second)....more

The Return of the Prodigal Parade

Today represents the culmination of a 2 year battle to bring back the famed St. Patrick's Day Parade to the southside of Chicago.  Kegs have been ordered.  Soda bread is warming. Irish sweaters are laid out for all red-headed children named Colin or Killian or Brigid.  Bag pipers and firemen from all around the country are descending on the area now to rejoice in the wonderful history of Irish culture. ...more
 @victorias_viewThanks for the post!  The parade exceeded all expectations.  An unseasonably war ...more

What to Put Next to the Plastic Goose

For those old-time blog followers, you may recall my post concerning the battle of the tricked-out wheelchairs. Every summer, the best engineering minds of the Chicago Fire Department are pitted against each other in a game of skill and speed. Click here for full story. ...more
 @We Band of Mothers Dang it! I'll wait until it hits the home shopping network ;)more