Seen in Abu Dhabi 30: Knafeh

Knafeh, or, as wikipedia says: "Kenafeh also spelled knafeh, Kunafeh, kunafeh, knafeh, or kunafah) is a Levantine cheese pastry soaked in sweet sugar-based syrup, typical of the regions belonging to the former Ottoman Empire.[1] It is a dessert specialty of the Levant, especially in Lebanon, Jordan, the Palestinian territories, Israel, Syria and northern Egypt. It is a first cousin of the Greek kadaifi and the Turkish tel kadayıf, künefe and ekmek kadayıfı. [2]" Or, in other words, as we learned from our friendly Jordanian neighbors, DELICIOUS!! ...more

December's First Days: National Day and Murder

These first few days of December have been full of events:...more

Thanksgiving 2014

Today, Talia and Elias were excited to get their name in pancakes for breakfast as something special for Thanksgiving. Since Thankgoving isn't officially observed in the U.A.E., yesterday was a school/work day and special breakfasts weren't easy to squeeze in. (Not pictured: Benjamin with his- morning pictures aren't his thing ....more

Happy Birthday Ben!

Happy Birthday Ben! ...more


If you think I haven't been posting anything substantial lately, you're correct. It's not that I would write something criticizing the people or government here, because I don't usually write about that sort of thing and I truly try to find the positives in every place we live... but just the fact that there is censorship here makes it difficult to write at all ....more

Green Spaces

I recently had a conversation with a friend comparing this desert to the desert of Las Vegas. Las Vegas, they said, was all sand, buildings and plastic "grass." Coming to Ruwais, then, it was refreshing to find more trees and grass than they had expected....more

A Pakistani Recipe: Sabzi

If you would like to incorporate more vegetables into your diet, maybe you'd like to try this simple Pakistani recipe called "sabzi" which means "vegetables".All you need are:2 medium sized potatoes1 large carrot 1 small/medium sized red onion1 handful of peas 1 fresh tomato dried fenugreek leaves 1 tsp coriander powder (crush the pods- so much tastier) 1/2 tsp turmeric powder desired salt and chili powder Method: Fry onions until translucent. Add all chopped vegetables. Add all spices including dried fenugreek leaves ....more

Kids Unscripted: Chapter 29

Ben: (at supper) "Talia, you're waxing poetic about that..." Elias: "Talia's not waxing in the diamond room!"...more

Braiding Bread

Talia has been wanting to learn how to braid bread, so we had the opportunity to try not long ago and she did a pretty good job. Next, she wants to learn to braid her hair and other people's hair. I have a feeling that will be a little bit trickier, and without such delicious results ....more

Coffee: Convenience over Culture

How great of a marketing feat must it be to go to a country famous for its high quality coffee and get most of the population to drink coffee crystals rehydrated with hot water?This is a question posed in conversation with some friends the other day while discussing the prevalence of Nescafé (in Guatemala sometimes jokingly called no-es-café, or "it's not coffee") throughout the world. Guatemala had ideal conditions for quality coffee: lots of high elevation cultivation land that was 2) enriched with volcanic soil. Supposedly, these two qualities contributed to some of the best flavored coffee ....more