Amendment One

North Carolina passed Amendment One yesterday, successfully banning same-sex marriage. Reading articles in reference to it today, I find myself more and more disturbed.   I believe people should be able to marry whomever they want. If you love someone, the law shouldn't have the power to stop you from enjoying the same rights as other married couples....more

On the way I look.

This post isn't meant to sound whiny or like I don't like myself or anything. I am just laying out some basic facts about myself and the way I feel about that. I love myself. I love being a mommy. And that is that. I'll get to the point at the end.    Before I had a baby, I prided myself on all of the cute little ensembles I could put together. I loved wearing cotton sundresses and heels....more

On Separation Anxiety

Emily has developed a case of separation anxiety that rivals anything I have ever seen. Her body comes out of my hip, it's as simple as that. And if I attempt anything that resembles putting her down....yeah, I just don't do that. When it first started, I was able to hand her to her daddy and that was almost as good. A morphic process began sometime over the Thanksgiving holiday where NO ONE else was as good as mommy. Not nobody, not no how. If I am within her sight, we may be okay....more

The Nightmare that is Teething

Emily has an official tooth. It is tiny, but it is through the gum and oh, so very sharp. It has taken forever. Now, the gum on the other side is swollen and white so she will have another chomper shortly. She refuses to let me see it and screams when I clean it and her gums. I suppose they are quite sore because she has always enjoyed me cleaning her gums and mouth. She likes the training toothpaste....more

Explosions of the Bath Tub Variety

Here we go again, back to bath time. This time with a new twist. A first. As usual, we took a bath last night. We were having fun, doing the new thing where we stand up and splash our bootie against the water. Momma laughs hysterically because the small one will do what the small one wants to do and momma must pick her battles. So we bathed and played. I took her out and dried her hair and dressed her. Put her in the floor for a few minutes. Picked her up and she was fully loaded. Changed her diaper, with the help of her daddy. The small one would not be contained....more

One Hour: For Anderson

Today I find my mind drifting back to Anderson and what he would be like today had he been choosen to walk this world.You see, while I was pregnant my friend was also pregnant. I was due in January and she in March. But her baby was born too early, too weak to survive, to even draw a breath. At only 27 weeks, Anderson barely had a chance. His momma has very aggresive Lupus and her health and his became very precarious. She was hospitalized a week before his birth with the understanding that he could come at any moment, that he may or may not make it. ...more

Wake up, Rinse, Repeat

Some days it just feels like you're doing the same things over and over again. Wake up. Make a bottle. Stick the bottle in the mouth. Sleep a few more minutes. Try to wake up the baby. Get in the shower. Dry hair. Get dressed. Hand off baby. Leave the house while praying your shoes match but not really caring. Go to work. Clock in. Pick up the overflow of crap in your mailbox. Do that. Eat lunch. Do some more work. Go home. Frantically get everything ready for tomorrow. Try to fit in some play time (which is EASY, I would say the easiest thing to do all day)....more

Baby Shampoo and Soap

 Our friends are hairdressers, so they usually get off around 8 o'clock. They usually attempt to visit once or twice a week and we'll do dinner or play games or whatever after Emi goes to bed. Their arrival almost always coincides with bath time, so Kathy is one of the few who get to experience a squeaky clean, naked and wet Pie. Last week, on their visit, they arrived just in time for bath time. So Kathy watched me Emi play in the water and have her bath. When I pulled out the good old Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo and soap, she began her lecture....more