I Don't Believe In Wind Chill

It’s freezing in New York City. Just a moment ago, I took my short-haired coonhounds for a walk. My cheeks were burning from the cold and the dogs were nearly too frosty to do their business on the discarded Christmas trees littering the curb. ...more
Ha ha.  I live in MN.  Just like Arizona & New Mexico get to brag their high temps are a "Dry ... more

These Are a Few Things You'll Find in My Car

(Sung to the tune of "Raindrops on Roses" from The Sound of Music)...more
The song is "My Favorite Things"...*giggle* ;) more

Thank you, Ash Beckham for opening the door.

Denise I agree.  It can pertain to anyone and Ash presents this idea with humor, kindness and ... more

"You're the Worst Mom Ever" and Other Compliments from My Child

Son, remember yesterday when you called me, "the worst mom ever!"? I wanted to thank you for that. Look, I know you were upset that I was making you do yard work... alongside me. I know that I was taking you away from video games. I know you were grumpy for not getting your own way, but baby, that's life. My job is to teach you about life and if that makes me the worst mom ever, I'll take it. ...more
You deserve a  Mean Mom Award!   http://www.blogher.com/mean-mom-award more

Kitchen Tip: Blend in a Mason Jar

I, of course, am an avid preserver, and therefore we have approximately 1 million mason jars in our condo. If you believe Pinterest, there are 1 million uses for them. However, I don't see the value in painting them or turning them into cutesy votive holders or what have you. I use them for canning and storing dry goods, and that's about it. ...more
I wonder if it'll work on my Ninja or my single serve...hmmm. more

Damn You, Barbie!

This morning, as I battled to tame her deliciously curly brown hair for school, Baby G very sadly uttered: “Mama, I wish I had long, straight yellow hair and blue eyes.” That one sentence halted my world. ...more
*Doing a happy dance*  Way to go Mom! more

Joining NaBloPoMo This November? Add Your Blog to the 2013 Blogroll Now

If you're posting for NaBloPoMo every day in November, add your name to our 2013 blogroll to share your work and enter to win prizes! Just fill out the NaBloPoMo Blogroll Form. Make sure you've selected NOVEMBER, and only submit your blog once, please. It may take up to 24 hours for your blog to appear on the list. The November blogroll is open until November 5. After that point, no new blogs will be added. ...more
Glutton for punishment or the definition of insanity...not sure which one fits me yet.  I'll let ... more

39 Weeks is the New Full-Term for Babies

Getting uncomfortable towards the end of your pregnancy, feeling as if your internal organs may burst if that child doesn't stop squirming against your bladder? You may need to hold on for a few more weeks. While it's only a change in semantics, this shift in language may have far-reaching effects in how doctors schedule procedures such as cesarean sections at the end of a pregnancy. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists announced yesterday that they are creating four distinctions to mark the end of a pregnancy. ...more
The pendulum swings both ways.  Try going to 44 weeks because inducing wasn't approved.   My ... more

Why I Cook From Scratch: A Manifesto for 'Homemade' Cooking

"Would you like a homemade waffle? "  This is what I was asked every other morning at the Inn where I spent the last week of my vacation.  Hmmm, homemade?   Well, within seconds—and I mean seconds—a steaming, perfect waffle would appear!  Maybe they meant "freshly made"?   It turned out that they were making them to order from a commercial mix.  They were cakey and dense, though the spread offered wasn't butter and the syrup was the usual thick corn syrup.  I had one with jam, but after that passed on the "homemade" waffles. ...more
I guess I never really gave it much thought.  I cook from scratch...period. I work 12 hour ... more

How I Let My Boys Play: Physical Play Is Not Wrong

She saw danger. She saw inappropriate behavior. She saw sticks pointed and park mulch flying at faces. She saw equipment being played with "the wrong way." Worst of all, she saw a mother on a cell phone not interceding. So she huffed up to me. I put down my cell phone. "They are playing with those really big sticks and throwing them at each other's faces," she announced. I asked, standing up, "Is the boy they are playing with your son? Would you like us to go talk to them?" ...more
I have 2 boys...my husband invented a game they called "Wah".  He'd take them into their rooms ... more