7 Books that Celebrate Girl Power, in Honor of International Women's Day

Today marks the 103rd celebration of International Women's Day, an annual day set aside to  celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women around the world. How will you celebrate with all the women - young and old - in your life? ...more
So glad to see my cousins Jane and Heidi's book listed.  I wear the Bad Girls badge proudly! more

US Route 6: A Travel Writer’s Dream

As with most travelers, my cross-country road trip began with a Google search.  As a freelance travel writer with a new empty nest, I was getting antsy to take an extended road trip - one that I’d daydreamed about since purchasing my first “Let’s Go USA” in high school. ...more
 @Shannon Thanks Shannon - It always makes me happy to hear that others want to travel Route 6! ... more

(Trigger Alert) Updated: Texas Judge Beats Daughter, And I'm So Glad She Taped It

I have never written a post before while sobbing. And I'm not being melodramatic -- this video has taken something primal in my brain and it is responding to this girl's cries. I feel insane with anger right now. Please know if you read this post, you will be disturbed. I'm writing it because abuse needs to be exposed, and this man needs to be punished. ...more
This happened in a state that allows corporal punishment in the schools. So, though this is ... more

How a Gluten-free, Dairy-free Diet Helped Heal My Son with ADHD

I was elated the day my 10-year-old son, Oliver, came home and announced the five words that would warm any mother’s heart. No, not, “Mom, I ate my vegetables,” but “Mom, I am popular now!” Not that I care particularly that Oliver is popular in the 'captain of the football team' or 'class president' sort of way, but when you have an engaging child who loves to be around other kids and his behavior ends up annoying and turning those same children away, it is heartbreaking....more
great post. we had similar results about 15 years ago - kept my then 7 year old son away from ... more