Outer and Inner Stillness

http://waltzinghorses.blogspot.com/2012/02/outer-and-inner-stillness.html (Return to Sonoma County, California from Jaipur, India) How remarkable to start the meditation from outer stillness....more
India is amazing as a crucible, but Sonoma County is amazing for tranquility. more

"Pink Saris": An Interview with Director Kim Longinotto

Tonight the documentary Pink Saris, a film that illuminates the plight of “untouchable” girls in India, premieres on HBO . I urge you to watch this haunting and important film. Set amid the poverty of Northern India, the film profiles the indomitable Sampat Pal, the leader of the Gulapi Gang, a group fighting discrimination against women. “Gulapi” means pink, and the female members can be seen trailing along the dusty village roads in their trademark bright pink saris. ...more
I am currently living in Jaipur (Northern India) and it has been alarming the disrespect and ... more

I Just Want to Go on a Walk

It's hard to explain it to men. "Those guys are assholes," they say. "I'm not like that." That's the thing: walking down the street, I don’t know what you're like. My experience is the only evidence I have and this evidence says waiting around to find out usually results in unpleasant situations. No person in their right mind would seek out unpleasant situations. ...more
This could be any where in the world--unfortunately. more

It Is Durga's Holiday -- The Mother Goddess and Fierce Warrior

We are in the midst of one of the great festivals of Hindu culture -- the Navarati - Durga Puja. (Translation: Nine Nights of Worship of the Goddess Durga). It ends October 16th. Durga is a goddess of ferocity. She is also the Mother Goddess. She came forth born from the rage and determination of the male deities who themselves could not vanquish a demon, Mahisasura, who was terrorizing the earth. Durga is often shown with ten arms, each holding a weapon given her by one of the male deities. She has their strength and more. She is beyond the sum of their energies. ...more
Living in the middle of the Durga Celebration in India right now. It is amazing seeing the ... more

It's Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable Pet Week!

Last Saturday, September 17th, Petfinder.com kicked off its third annual Adopt-A-Less Adoptable-Pet campaign in an effort to secure love for the seemingly unlovable. The campaign, which runs through September 25, began after they discovered approximately 95 percent of shelters and rescue groups include beasties that face difficulty in finding a home: seniors, big black dogs, black and/or adult cats and those with medical challenges....more
Thank you for the inspiration. Starting to work with Help In Suffering, an animal ... more

When Can You Start Calling Yourself a Writer?

Having spent time with enough authors, I assure you that no one on the publishing continuum (except perhaps JK Rowling, and I can't vouch for her) feels that they've "made it" and can now phone in the rest of their writing career. But Theresa's Tales of Teaching takes it a step backward, asking where the line is where one crosses over into that comfortable zone of feeling that they're on their way to... something. ...more
Always interesting to see what people say when they have "made it" in any field. more

A Year Without Dieting

My year without dieting is complete, and I find myself enlightened and pleased with the results. I began the quest not to diet in August of 2010, after gaining around 10 pounds on prednisone for an out-of-control poison ivy reaction. Prior to that, I had found my weight creeping up uncontrollably, and struggled to lose it, even when consuming quite low calories. Low carb was no solution. Exercise was no solution (my body clung to fat anyway). So found myself heavier than ever before, and realized something was really wrong with my metabolism and the way my body was handling fat....more
Thank you for sharing. I have a friend struggling with the prednisone effect and aging. You ... more

Unearthing Painful Childhood Memories

I am always amazed when I read childhood memoirs. Not only at the vast array of experiences in people's lives and the way children interpret things with their developing minds, but at the ability of the storyteller to conjure up such rich, detailed images of things that happened so many years (often decades) ago....more
Thank you for sharing a deep part of yourself. It helps us all to face those pockets and places ... more

Eating On The Move

www.Selfseeds.com:  http://selfseeds.com/blog/?p=194 ...more
@victorias_view Not sure you are ever the same after visiting India. I believe the camel ... more

Eating On The Move

www.Selfseeds.com:  http://selfseeds.com/blog/?p=194 ...more
I think you were lucky to find a safe shake place. That sounds great!!! more