No Nursing Manners For Us, Thanks

As Dylan becomes a toddler, his nursing is getting more physically chaotic. He’s wigglier. He kicks. He fidgets with his hands. Lately he’ll nurse from one boob for 5 seconds, then switch, then back again. He even does this in his sleep sometimes -- which I think is terribly adorable. Kellymom describes possible toddler nursing antics with this list: “Kneading, patting, twiddling, scratching, pinching, grabbing mom’s nose, biting, pulling at mom’s shirt, playing with or pulling mom’s hair, blowing raspberries on mom’s breast, breastfeeding standing up, breastfeeding upside down, acrobatic breastfeeding…” Yep, Dylan does ‘em all....more
I think if it doesn't bother you, all for it. Most of the time I don't mind most of it, but the ...more

No Excuses: Parenting Isn't Hard

Parenting isn’t hard. Well, okay, sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes I participate in a discussion about someone in public being mean to their child. By “being mean” I mean spanking, slapping, grabbing, yanking, dragging, yelling, name-calling, belittling, punishing and so forth. And there’s always someone in these discussions ready to declare that “parenting is hard” and we should therefore cut the parent some slack. And I just reject this wholeheartedly....more
How odd. I thought the author of this post was saying that parenting was hard but to not use ...more