Getting Beyond "What Do You Do?"

We went to a dinner party recently, nothing too fancy, just board games, pizza and new friends.  But the inevitable “What do you do?” came up.  I hate this question.  Often it’s meant as a conversation-starter, or an ice breaker.  But if you’re talking to someone who is unemployed or unconventionally employed, you immediately push the conversation into awkward territory. ...more
Totally understand where you're coming from, having been there myself when I was laid-off.  We ... more

How I Retired Before I Retired

Last month I spent 40+ hours in a vegan lifestyle coaching academy. A year ago, if someone had suggested I do such a thing, I would have thought them crazy. That was before I walked away from a good-paying, steady job, months before turning 47 years old. ...more
Love that you actually did what most of us are afraid to do!  Been conteplating the same things ... more

Have I Lost My Mom? Is It Too Late?

It came all of a sudden. Watching my mom drawing her blood to check her glucose level every morning before breakfast starts my everyday. She would then unfold a piece of paper where she normally notes down her numbers and would visibly relax, indicating that no insulin injection was needed. She was so good at this and I trusted her diligence completely. It was by chance that I reached out for that piece of paper to check how her diabetes was getting controlled. I was confused at what I saw. The numbers she had written were scratchy and unreadable, her dates were wrong, and they were going in all directions, totally missing the grid lines on the paper. I looked at her last legible entry. It was one month before....more
Please know that you are doing the right thing by your mom and that she appreciates it!  It's a ... more

Do You Work During Your Vacation?

When my vacation officially started on Monday morning, I wandered over to the BlogHer Facebook page and posted this: "I'm on vacation! I'm also doing just a wee bit of work this morning. Do you work through your vacations?" There were an awful lot of people who said that they did. Those comments led to Suebob's great post about working vacations, which spawned Mir's great post about working vacations. Both women make very compelling arguments for non-working vacations but... ...more
I try very hard not to work during vacation.  Like all of us, I work very hard with long days ... more

Lent: A Reverse Strategy

Lent - a reflective time that can teach lessons across any and all spiritualities. For Christians, such as myself, who observe it, the meaning of Lent is the traditional one: to make a meaningful sacrifice that allows us to recall and honor Christ's own sacrifice. For other Christians and non-Christians, it can be a confusing time when some folks just give up things they really like. But these next 40 days can be a perfect time to cast off things that needs to be shed...or even the opposite. ...more
Love your idea. Each year I try to add something to do, rather than give something up - seems ... more

How Would You Define Yourself Without Work?

One of the things that struck me as I was reading Slow Love is how rudderless Dominique Browning was without work. She, like many of us, was defined by the work she did. Without that work, she asked, who was she? ...more
Totally understand where you're coming from. This is so tough for anyone who's been laid off. ... more