Why Can't I Handle My Husband's Travel?

There's this thing going on in my life right now that I keep wanting to write about and keep feeling like I can't. ...more
I envy you for missing him.  My most-read post on this site is about how pleased I am when my ... more

On Scoliosis and Unfunny Flashbacks to 'Sixteen Candles'

I sit and watch as Fashionista tries out a tumbling class. She is the type who would like to be on the Pom Squad when she gets to seventh grade and would like to perfect her cartwheels. I secretly sneer at cheerleaders. Glorified strippers, I call them. To be honest, this is mostly due to the fact that my husband dated a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader years before I met him. But I pretend it is purely out of feminist sentiment. ...more
Hmmmm....you may be right.  Perhaps her IQ is in order, but she's just exceptionally goofy? ... more