Stone Soup Mondays: Your Favourite Blog Posts of the Week

The reality is that we all read these great posts during the week. We Stumble them, we Tweet about them, we even write a blog post in our own space responding to the ideas we read. I'd like to take a moment each week to gather up the best reads of the week -- from last Sunday to this Monday. In other words, this ongoing, weekly thread is a receptacle for all those great posts you read on the Internet and want others to read too. ...more

unconventional in the willful way..

A simple short post starting with a normal ... more

Very Va Va Vegetarian: Chana Masala Recipe

Thinking too much about this recipe and its merits frustrates me. When I was young, I was vegetarian and hated curry, which to me meant all Indian food. What a waste. Of all the diets in the world, the Indian culture contains some of the most varied vegetarian recipes. Hinduism encourages a vegetarian lifestyle, and though it is left up to the individual, many Hindus are vegetarian. Today, throughout India and it's many regional cuisines vegetarian dishes are frequent and varied.  ...more

Hi Katerina;
The Recipe you have give written and tried making too is quite correct.

I'm an ... more

BlogHer '10 Badges & Bling

UPDATED May 18 - new blog bling has been uploaded - - have fun!! It's here -- BlogHer '10 and BlogHer Business '10 bling (twinkle twinkle). We've covered the basics -- now we’re opening it up to your ideas! Tell us what BlogHer '10 blog bling you'd like to see. We’re listening ... let the fun begin!  If you need some ideas, check out last year's blog bling - everyone was "so" creative and fun! ...more

Awesome blings!
One added to my Blog too:)

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Playing Dress-up: The Non-Designer's Guide to a Blog Design Theme

Are you thinking about a new look for your blog? Or maybe you've not started a blog yet and want to make a fabulous debut when you do. Both are good reasons to know the foundation of a blog design. Whether you decide you want to DIY or hire a pro, it's savvy to know the lingo and have a solid understanding of a blog's "parts" so you can easily follow how-to instructions and/or communicate better with your designer. ...more

unconventional in the willful way..

Awesome Info...I will definitely add up some tips ... more