Is ‘Sitting’ a Blogger’s Occupational Hazard?

What portion of your day is spent sitting? In my case, a lot. Even though I exercise regularly, all this sitting could be taking its toll.New research shows that women who exercise regularly spend as much time sitting as women who don’t, which can have significant health consequences, according to the study by Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. This study is important news for those of us who spend endless hours in front of a computer, like bloggers!...more
Get up off your chair this morning! A new health study says we are sitting wayyyyy too much. ...more

Extreme Measures to Look Skinny on Your Wedding Day

This past weekend a story appeared in the New York Times about women going to great lengths to lose weight for their wedding day. Women are walking around town with nasogastric tubes, doing colonic cleanses and getting daily injections of hormones, all in an effort to slim down and look their best as they walk down the aisle....more
 @FatCat I knew you would weigh in FatCat!!!! A woman of subtance:-)more

Going Nude....On Your Nails

With spring just around the corner, many of us are due for a color change. After months of reds, burgundys and browns, it’s a good idea to start thinking about lightening up. But with all the fashion magazines touting neon pinks and yellows, what’s a girl to do with her hands? The answer might be to go nude.Many of the popular brands are introducing colors that are barely there. You might have to try a few to find one that looks good with your skin tone.  Here are a few of our Professional Hypochondriac suggestions:...more
 @theprofhypo It's the perfect excuse to buy a turquoise ring ;)more

Is it Time to Go Gray?

When color touch-ups get to be a bit too much on the schedule and budget, many of us wonder when to do it – go gray, that is.And, more important, how exactly do we transition from our current color to a more, shall we say, natural shade?...more

Binge Eating Goes Beyond that Extra Slice of Pie

Some women harbor a secret eating behavior so out of control and humiliating they suffer in silence. If only they knew that binge eating wasn’t lack of willpower, but a real psychiatric condition....more

Is Your Morning Cup of Coffee Going by the Wayside?

Have you heard about this new form of caffeine sold in lipstick-shaped containers? It’s called AeroShot, and it’s being marketed as caffeine without the coffee, soda, tea or a pill.The FDA is now planning to investigate whether it’s safe for consumers at the urging of New York Sen. Charles Schumer, D-NY....more
Great post - am sharing! I can think of people who would use this, but it misses the point for ...more

Do Sleep Meds Lead to Early Death?

A study which recently appeared in the British Medical Journal compared 10,500 adults who took hypnotic sleeping pills -- including Ambien, Lunesta and Restoril -- with people who did not. Those who took 18 pills or fewer a year had a 3.5 times increased risk of early death. The risk was five times greater for those who took three or more pills a week. Are findings acurate? Are you at risk? ...more
I great warning. I do not take those drugs but have worried about their effects. Thank you for ...more

10 Super Foods for Boosting Immunity

It was one of those weekends that changes course so fast you’re not sure what just happened. My daughter had a big skating competition and a tightly packed schedule. Despite my efforts to create a germ-free environment, she got a bad case of strep. Let me just tell you that strep is not limited to a bad sore throat. Everything came to a screeching halt and I found myself rearranging plans, talking to pharmacists and doctors and comforting a miserable child.Which makes me wonder: is there more we can do to boost our immunity beyond vitamin supplements?...more
I'm so glad you figured out the problem Robin!  Thanks for your comment.  Stay healthy, my friend!more

Treat Yourself for Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day, take some time out to show some TLC to the most important person in your life — you!Schedule a relaxing massage, sleep in, or try a new look. Whether you’re staying in for a romantic evening or heading out for a night on the town, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to pamper yourself and have some fun. Here are some must haves that are designed to put a smile on your face on this sweet holiday.Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play Available at Target, CVS, About $6...more
Thanks so much Robin! Hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day. xoxoxo Debramore

Understanding Lifestyle Habits Key to Weight Loss

Everyone knows that to lose weight, you need to eat less and exercise more. But have you ever really identified your particular lifestyle habits that sabotage your efforts?It may be time to look at your lifestyle patterns to find out what may be causing unwanted weight gain. Robert Kushner, MD, medical director of the Center for Lifestyle Medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, has identified six cluster behaviors people identify with that influence weight management....more