How TV Helped Me Talk to My Kids About "The Gays"

Recently one of my daughters and I were making dinner and had some sort of home improvement show on in the background from Bravo, HGTV or something to the like. In it, a male couple was looking for a new house and saw a stunner of a master bedroom closet. One of the gentleman exclaimed, “Well, you know how the gays love their closets!” ...more
Wonderful post! I truly believe that is the way to chat with kids. We are everyday people and if ... more

happy saturday all! sneeze cough cough xoxo

happy saturday all! sneeze cough cough xoxo ...more
Right there with you!!! Agh! Feel better! more

Why I Didn't Attend That Party Offsite During BlogHer13

I feel like I really left people down by not going to a generational party that I was invited to, and I would like to apologize and explain why I declined at the last minute....more
This was beautiful and I am so happy to have met both of you! more

Post-Production Video Workshop

Instructor: Stacy Jill Calvert ...more
@K A B L O O E Y Hi! I'm assuming that there will be a podcast available in the future. Please ... more

Three Tricky Conference Conundrums: A BlogHer Mentor Helps You Out

I'm proud to have been invited to be among the welcoming crew of the BlogHer Newbie mentors for BlogHer '13 -- and couldn't wait to share my my three tips for anyone headed to any blog conference. Promote yourself, know why you're going and remember to breathe. ...more
Great advice! ;) more

An All-New!

After beta-testing a new Food section for the past month with the help of this community, we are launching an all-new BlogHer! Now we can showcase an even larger number of posts each day, by sharing all new posts created by the 3,000 BlogHer Publishing network bloggers. And, as always, all of the community is invited—and encouraged!—to share your words and your work on Join us! ...more
Wow! Looks fabulous! more

Announcing: BlogHer ‘13 Newbie Networking Workshop & Conference Mentors

Each year, BlogHer welcomes newbies to the conference with a special breakfast and welcome to break the ice, get to know other people who are there for the first time, and to get acclimated before the hustle and bustle of the programming begins. This year we’ve got a few new additions to the newbie breakfast to help you get them most out of both that session, and the rest of the conference! ...more
@DeadCowGirl We are going to have to walk fast! What about breaking a sweat?! oh no! lol more

America's Not Here for Us

"Mom-are we still slaves? Do people still hate us, African-Americans?"...more
I can't say much more, but I will share this far and wide. Great post. more

BlogHer '13: Why We Chose the Sheraton

Hello friends: We are about four weeks away from the 9th annual BlogHer Conference and we are beyond excited to see you!As you know, planning on our side has been ongoing for months, and I suspect your planning is in full force -- booking flights, hotels, getting those shoes ready, etc. ...more
Thank you for keeping those issues in mind! It is much appreciated! more

The Importance of "Two Boys Kissing"

Katy Perry kissed a girl and liked it, but pictures of two boys kissing is still far from mainstream in popular culture. Over the last few years, I've seen gay male romance novels receive more attention than they have in the past and we're seeing more and more young adult fiction dealing with GLBTQ issues -- both things I see as progress.. ...more
What a great way to crowdsource! more