The Christmas Gift to Give the Grandparent Who Has Everything

Yes, I realize that Thanksgiving isn't even here yet, but this idea needs to be shared early. Please be patient with the delivery, as there is more to the story....more

When Families Evolve: What Happens When We Lose Our Matriarchs?

This holiday morning, I read one of those "Dear Dad" Facebook posts from a son missing his dad on this holiday. Easter was always very important to his dad, and he passed away this year, so the pain is fresh and his absence palpable. We often see such posts because, of course, families around the globe gather at holidays. Our mothers, especially, play huge roles in uniting us. The thought makes me wonder, what happens to families that lose the matriarchs and patriarchs who brought those families together? ...more

Will the Holiday Meal Knock You Off-Course?

Heading to an Easter banquet table (or two) this weekend? We’re going to an all-you-can-eat Easter buffet for lunch on Sunday; it will be my first feasting occasion since recently committing to a healthy eating lifestyle (with the ultimate goal of decreasing my cholesterol) and I’m pretty sure that eggs benedict and fried chicken don’t fit in that plan.  I know a lot of people will say that it’s okay to throw goals out the window for one day, but for me, I truly want to eat healthy that day, not out of sacrifice, but simply out of choosing to “eat to live.”...more

The Fuss About the Common Core State Standards

You may have heard a little about the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS), which have been adopted by more than 40 American states and territories. Apparently, there's some controversy about it, but it's not a one-sided issue. I'm going to boil it all down for you from my point of view (a teacher), because people who have kids or grandkids need to understand it, regardless of how they feel about it. What was wrong with the old standards?...more

Your Invitation to Friday Fragments

 TRICK OR TREAT!I'm here with a bowl full of fragments; take as many as you like--...more

Why Kendall Might Wish I Didn't Teach at Her Middle School

I have a beautiful floral skirt. It has many folds of light-weight fabric that swish when I walk and is very feminine. I was wearing it today when I used the restroom after school and then rushed off to help Kendall put on her makeup for the musical (encore performance).   ...more

I love this story, Virginia, especially because it makes so many people laugh HARD. Share away! ...more

Is That You, Dad?

"Hi! It's Dad," said the warm, senior voice on the other end of the line.And just for a tiny second, I pretended that he really was my dad, just calling to check in and say hi.  What a sweetheart, I thought; he sounded really glad to hear my voice. Maybe he wanted to make dinner plans or ask me how I was doing during these last few days of the school year.  Maybe he was just calling to tell me he loved me, or to ask what I've been up to lately.  ...more
@victorias_view My stepmother deleted everything the day after Dad died. I'd be only to happy to ...more

Are We Obligated to Take Care of Our Parents One Day?

I read a post today from a blogger who wrote about one day possibly needing to care for her adult child with disabilities. She herself is disabled, and her mother doesn't offer her much support, which hurts her. She feels that parenting doesn't end when one's children become adults (especially if they become disabled) and that her mother should be helping her more....more
jillicious  Hi Jill. Forgive me for responding in such a delayed manner, but I just today ...more

A Warning to Parents with Little Ones

A vlog in which my daughter and I relate the story of her falling down the basement stairs in a walker years ago.  ...more

Love the 2 vlogs I've seen of you and Kendall.

...and I can relate with the mosquitos!more

Half-Past Kissin' Time and Time to Kiss Again!

That's just one of my mom's favorite things to say when you ask her what time it is. Her sense of humor inspires me, and the nine kids she raised give me material to write about; them, and my middle school classroom of students with emotional and behavioral disabilities. I hope you'll stop by, if only to say hello to this Midwestern mom, wife, teacher, and lover of life. ...more