A Mother's 18th Birthday Letter to Her Son -- in Heaven

To My Son, Austin -- If you were here today, I'd wish you a Happy Birthday and tear up thinking how quickly you grew up. No more Momma's Little Blair Bear, but a young man. If you were here today, I'd stand tiptoe to reach my arms around your neck and squeeze you back with one those famous Bear hugs you were known for....more
(((Joyfulchallenge))) How well i understand your name.  It was 13 years for me this year without ... more

Midlife: Living Life in Dog Years!

My marriage of 28 years wasn't awful.  I hit my midlife crisis at age 53.  He stuck his head in the sand via the "easy" chair.  We stopped talking.  The silence and lonliness was palpable.  My daughter hit 18, and we barely saw her, which was okay, I understood the natural order of things, blah blah blah.  What I didn't get was what happened next--Nothing.  I had envisioned both of us taking time off to travel, maybe a cruise here and there.  I was the only one with that vision....more
@Allison Cook thanks Allison! You know, having been raised in a conservative Catholic family, ... more

How I Ruined Jay-Z For My Children

On Thanksgiving morning I posted the Jay-Z song "Forever Young" to my Facebook wall. I see a lot of people post videos that they feel are meaningful, so when I came across the Jay-Z song I thought it was just perfect -- a good way to express the sadness I'd been feeling all morning about a recent loss our family has experienced. My children disagreed....more
and i thought i was so cool doing my disco treadmill to "apple bottom jeans" hahah! more

What Not to Say When Friends Have Lost a Child

With luck, many of us will never have to confront that moment when we have to comfort a friend who has lost a child. But should that tragic moment come, it helps to know in advance that while nothing can take the pain away magically from such a shattering loss, there are some things you can say that for some folks will make the pain worse. ...more
Ditch the cliches! please, please, please--say something from the heart, even if you really have ... more