An All-New!

After beta-testing a new Food section for the past month with the help of this community, we are launching an all-new BlogHer! Now we can showcase an even larger number of posts each day, by sharing all new posts created by the 3,000 BlogHer Publishing network bloggers. And, as always, all of the community is invited—and encouraged!—to share your words and your work on Join us! ...more
Its lost its BlogHer feel. It feels more "news" than anything. more

Bloggers Show Us What Beautiful Really Is - Part Three

Update: This sweepstakes has now ended. Thanks for your interest in this promotion. You can still read the bloggers' reviews by clicking on the links below.What do you consider beautiful? Drive? Strength? Tenacity?...more
Changing my focus from physical appearance and weight to organ and brain health has been ... more

Letting Go of Shame

I have buried two shameful secrets for most of my life. Today I'm coming clean.The first involved the Scripps-Howard Spelling Bee. When I was in 6th grade I made it to the district level and breezed through the written portion of the contest. I got through a round or two of the spotlight spelling, but fell later on the easy-peasy word gauze. Shame filled me. How could I have failed so spectacularly? I was certain that everyone in the room was laughing at the stupid idiot girl who messed up on a one-syllable word....more
That was the point of my whole, scathing memoir Hiding in Plain Sight: When Buying Your Ideal ... more

Pay For Christmas NOW With This One Little Trick

Every holiday season, I watch my friends frantically trying to figure out how they're going to pay for Christmas. They save up chunks of paychecks a few months before, they max out the credit cards, and if they're lucky enough to get a Christmas bonus at work, you can bet it won't be spent on themselves. And then in January, they wail about their enormous credit card bills or how they got a late fee from the electric company when they had to pay the bill a bit late because of, y'know...Christmas. ...more
 @DonnaFreedman  That's awesome and I didn't know about it. Thanks for sharing!   more

Did You Know You Need to Earn Money to Be Feminist?

Writer Elizabeth Wurtzel dropped a bomb on SAHMs this week with her Atlantic piece, "1% Wives Are Helping Kill Feminism and Make the War on Women Possible." The tagline? "Being a mother isn't a real job -- and the men who run the world know it." Despite The Atlantic being one of my favorite magazines and consistently putting out stellar editorial, my first reaction was, "What a load of crap!"...more
Regarding the comments that feminism comes down to money, I don't agree. Maybe we are missing ... more

A Different Way To Get Out of Debt

I was a 20 year old student with zero income when I got my first credit card. I signed up for it on my college campus. ...more
97% of people don't have what they really want in their lives because they aren't willing to do ... more

Online Sexism: What Awful Things Have You Been Called?

[Editor's note: Sometimes being a woman blogger is not much fun. In my blog on The Huffington Post, I’ve been called all sorts of lovely names--by men who not simply disagree with me, but also feel compelled to reveal the nasty things they want to do to me. Also, the usual anti-female things. Hysterical. Ugly. Stupid. This week Sady Doyle practically set off a riot on Twitter when she launched the hashtag #mencallmethings.The response from women bloggers was so overwhelming. ...more
The people who are spitting angry venum on the internet are a reflection of where that are at a ... more

Learn How To See What Wall Street Can't

Love this! Another example of Street Smart learning and a fresh creative look at opportunities ... more

The Haves and Have-Nots

Monday was my regular day off from work. Among the errands I had that day was dropping off a couple bags of books and videos at the Goodwill store in my neighborhood. That same afternoon, I headed down to my wireless carrier and finally got an upgrade for my iPhone. Moving up to the 3GS for free left me feeling pretty good about my choice. I didn't have a compelling reason to invest in the just-released 4S, which came with a hefty price tag and quite a bit more cultural cachet. ...more
I see your point and I am concerned about our social programs. This is also just one ... more

Do You Have A Guidebook For Life?

In Margaret Dilloway's How to Be an American Housewife, Shoko uses a book by the same name as her guidebook to American life. Sometimes she likes the book, other days she hates it. But it's there for her when she needs it to offer advice, comfort or just the recognition that she's not the only woman in her position. ...more
I'm considering writing a juicy little playbook for life when I'm 45 (one year to go.) more